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Friday’s are often slow news days in the world of metal, but yesterday brought a bunch of goodies, and now we bring them to you for your amusement and edification. Stylistically, this metal is all over the fucking place, because so are my tastes.


The new Dying Fetus album, Reign Supreme, is so damned fine — one of the finest brutal death metal albums of 2012 in your humble editor’s opinion. It’s due for release on June 19. A few tracks have already premiered, including “From Womb To Waste”, which we featured here last month. It’s one of those songs that’s likely to remembered as much for the highly quotable audio sample at the beginning as for the rest of the song.

Yesterday Relapse released an official video for the song. It’s a splicing of live performance clips. It seems there is headbanging and moshing at Dying Fetus shows. Watch it after the jump.



You may remember that last November The Devin Townsend Project played four sold-out shows in London, performing KiAddictedGhost, and Deconstruction in their entirety on successive nights. You may also know that on June 19 InsideOut Music will be releasing a jumbo box set organized around those shows, consisting of four DVDs and five CDs containing the full live sets (the fifth CD compiles all the encores from all four nights onto one disc). That thing is pre-orderable here.

Late yesterday, DTP released a clip from the DVD set showing the performance of “Gato”, a song that originally appeared on Ki. It’s a song that took a bit of time to grow on me, but now I get a real charge from it . . . mainly because I get excited waiting for the eruption of extremity that happens after the pretty stuff at the beginning. Also yesterday, Metal Hammer premiered another one of the live clips for the song “Awake” from Addicted. Here are both of those clips:




We’ve written about this UK outfit a couple of times before, originally as part of a post on bands with female growlers and then later because of their split with a Japanese band called Abigail, titled Satanik Apokalyptic Kamikaze Kommandos. They churn out short, savage, distorted pieces of crust-punk d-beat death metal illness.

Earlier this month they released a music video for one of the songs from that split with Abigail called “Procession of Spectres”, which I saw yesterday. It’s as grim and serious as the DTP clips are exuberantly fun-loving. And to avoid any confusion, this is an ANTI-genocide song. After the video, I’ve got one more track from the split for your tender ears — “Reaping the Blood Harvest”. You can find out how to order this split by visiting the Winds of Genocide FB page HERE.


[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/47758309″ iframe=”true” /]


My, how time flies. I reviewed this Boston band’s impressive debut album In These Rusted Veins way back in September 2010. Now, finally, we have some new Widow Sunday music. On June 26, Rat Pak Records will be releasing a three-song EP called Dance Metal. And yes, I realize this post is becoming a real emotional roller-coaster, because after those Winds of Genocide tracks, we’re veering off in a very different direction now, as that EP title suggests.

To build interest in the EP, Widow Sunday has made the opening track available for free download via this link (be prepared: if you click this link, the download will start immediately). The song is called “The Wave”.

It makes me want to get up and jump, and then continue jumping on things that break. It delivers the groove and the beatdown. It has splashes of bouncy electronica, but Jacob Falconer’s searing, aggro vocals and some punchy riffing maintain a hard edge.

Widow Sunday: “The Wave”

[audio:https://www.nocleansinging.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/The-Wave.mp3|titles=Widow Sunday – The Wave]

To find out more about the band and the EP, visit them on Facebook.


And so we reach the end of this roller-coaster ride with one last head-whipping turn on the rails. This is a new song from Human Cull (on Facebook here and on Bandcamp here), from a forthcoming split. It’s called “Another Social Hell”. Short and savage. I like.


  1. what a great way to start this saturday!!!! and recover from my hangover of RUM!!

    • Ah yes, the demon rum, which was my own first introduction to hard liquor at a tender age, resulting in brutal illness and a 48-hour hangover, an experience so vivid that I can barely touch the stuff any more.

      • yeah my level of stupidity rose to a high level and shit hit the fan. The wife made me sleep in the couch. But hey at least you should try dominican rum

        • I don’t know man. Sleeping on the couch doesn’t sound like a great recommendation. 🙂

          • touche sir!!! have a point!!! 🙂 On another subject!!! I need more$$$$$ I want the Devin DVD and the Gojira DVD as well!!! to bad that they don’t sell it digitally!!!. PS: I’m all good with the wife

  2. I say, that Devin Townsend fellow is one hell of a performer. I must find the time to see him live.

  3. Sorry, but the 3-4 songs Fetus released early as teasers are awsome. The rest of the album sounds like *go through the motions* filler…IMO. and the album doesn’t come close to dethroning the new Cattle Decapitation for album of the year. Also, this last Friday, Fetus bailed on the Detroit date of their tour….so I say, fuck Fetus. Not the first time they’ve fucked over the D

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