Jul 022012

Concerning Agalloch’s new EP, Faustian Echoes, which BadWolf reviewed for us here, the following announcement appeared on Agalloch’s Facebook page yesterday:

Due to the overwhelming demand for “Faustian Echoes,” we have decided to make the digital download available now. We have also made both the “Grey” and “White” EPs available for digital download. Please visit our bandcamp page for these releases and other B-side and rare material. “Faustian Echoes” will be available on LP and CD at our record release show in Portland, Oregon on July 11th where we will also begin the “Faustian Spirits” month-long tour of North America. The LP and CD will continue to be sold on tour and made available to the world after the tour. Thank you for your support and please spread!

That is fine news. The Faustian Echoes download will cost you $6. You can get it, along with The Grey, The White, and a lot more Agalloch music at their Bandcamp page (HERE).


  1. this is great news to start another awful monday!!!

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