Jul 052012

We previously reported that after 8 long years, Finland’s Wintersun will soon be returning with, not one, but two new albums: Time I and Time II, with each album containing approximately 40 minutes of music — 80 minutes of new Wintersun altogether. Based on an earlier press release, the mixing and mastering of Time I is scheduled for completion this month. Today, we learned that Nuclear Blast has finally set a release date for that album: October 19, 2012.

And that’s not all. Yesterday, Nuclear Blast posted a short video trailer on YouTube showing Jari Mäenpää playing orchestration effects for a part of the song “Sons of Winter and Stars”.

Man, am I looking forward to this album. It will be difficult to resist posting every future teaser and trailer that leads up to the album’s release. Maybe I won’t resist. This first video trailer is after the jump.

Yesterday also brought new music from another wintry band — Winterus, who we first featured way back in October 2010 through a MISCELLANY post. This Michigan-based USBM outfit is at work on a new album to be titled Dark Womb, and yesterday they released the cover art and a first demo track from the album, “Hell Form”. A rumbling current of drums flows beneath, tremolo’d guitars rise and fall above, a clean lead guitar weaves an enchanting melody, acid vocals slice through the middle, and an acoustic interlude provides a change of mood. It’s a promising teaser for the album.

The cover art for Dark Womb and a stream of “Hell Form” are after the jump, too — but first, that Wintersun trailer . . .


Now, here’s the cover art for Dark Womb:

And here’s “Hell Form”:


  1. So how long have you been waiting for an excuse to use “Winter is Coming” as the title of a post?

  2. I must be the only one who DOESN’T feel like the first Wintersun album is some sort of life-changing, planet-aligning masterpiece.

    It’s good mind, but… not that good.

    • Yes, you are the only one.

      • I’ve always been unique.

        • I’m on Andy’s side for this one. I liked it, but it is in no way the brilliant, meaning-of-life, universal-truth, masterwork that it gets praised as.

          Still, colour me excited for the new albums anyways.

          • Well, I must disagree. When you look at this album, listen to every element, and put everything
            together, there hasn’t been a band this good in ages, if ever. Jari is one of the few musical geniuses
            that are left. He says he isn’t much of a lyricist, but his lyrics run deep man. I respect your
            opinion, but I strongly disagree. BUT, enough of this, the new album is coming! Time I is going
            to be sincerely epic!

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