Jul 272012

I watched some of the opening ceremonies from London. Some of it was cool, like the cascade of lights falling from those big gold rings in the sky. But I gave up not long after Mr. Bean accompanied the orchestra on the theme song from Chariots of Fire.

I decided if I was going to watch spectacle, with big throngs of people, lots of lights, and explosions of sound, I should at least watch something with good fuckin’ music going on. So I watched these instead:








  7 Responses to “MY OLYMPICS”

  1. Fun fact.

    Number of British troops currently in Afghanistan? Around 9000.
    Number of British troops currently involved in the Olympics? Around 18’200.

    I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate the Olympics.


    (The Hypocrisy video made me all sentimental, it was my first death metal band *sniff*)

  2. The jury returned with the verdict…..Gorjia sucks big black cock (not that there is anything wrong with big black cock…..the band just sucks it, is all)

  3. Haven’t seen anything from the Olympics yet – I haven’t been home much this week and without cable, I can’t watch when I’m there, since I can’t get a decent signal for the NBC affiliate. Not sure how much I’m going to watch this time around anyway.

    But I did find this, and I was amused.


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