Aug 242012

We’ve been watching the rise of Tacoma’s Stealing Axion since first hearing their sweet 2010 self-titled EP (reviewed at NCS here). Now the band are on the verge of seeing the release of their full-length debut by Inside Out Music and Century Media. Entitled Moments, the album will hit the streets on August 28 in the U.S. and a day earlier in Europe — and we’re giving you a stream of the entire work beginning today.

Stealing Axion join together a variety of musical components — off-kilter, jack-hammering rhythms; intricate and often mesmerizing guitar performances; memorable, beautiful melodies; and an effective contrast between abrasive, harsh vocals and clean, clear singing that echoes and soars. (And for those newcomers to the site, despite our name we do make exceptions when the metal is as good as what’s on Moments.)

The music weaves together brute-force aggressiveness, higher-order complexity, and shimmering atmospherics, delivering a blend of piston-driven body-movers and progressive stylings that send the mind surfing on astral waves. The songwriting is excellent, and the musical performances are all top-shelf. The album was mixed and mastered by TesseracT guitarist/producer Acle Kahney, and it sounds fantastic, producing the clarity and separation that best suits this kind of progressive, technically demanding music.

Moments is a long, ambitious work that demands serious attention, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun to hear. Fans of bands such as Textures should find it especially appealing, but we recommend that every devotee of metal give this a try. The stream begins next . . . 


The Moments CD can be pre-ordered here or here (U.S.) or here (EUR). You can connect with Stealing Axion on Facebook via this link.

Beginning in October, Stealing Axion will be appearing on the first annual Euroblast Tour along with Jeff Loomis, Monuments, and Vildhjarta. Here’s the schedule:

17.10.12 (D) Munich – Feierwerk
18.10.12 (CH) Aarau – Kiff
20.10.12 (D) Cologne – Euroblast Festival
21.10.12 (UK) Brighton – Audio
22.10.12 (UK) Reading – Sub89
23.10.12 (UK) Liverpool – O2 Academy 2
24.10.12 (UK) Glasgow – Cathouse
25.10.12 (IRL) Dublin – The Village
26.10.12 (UK) Leeds – The Well
27.10.12 (UK) Birmingham – O2 Academy 3
28.10.12 (UK) London – Underworld
29.10.12 (B) Antwerp – Trix
30.10.12 (NL) Kerkrade – The Rock Temple
31.10.12 (D) Münster – Sputnikhalle
01.11.12 (N) Oslo – Sub Scene
02.11.12 (S) Gothenburg – Sticky Fingers
05.11.12 (FIN) Helsinki – Tavastia
07.11.12 (DK) Copenhagen – Templet
08.11.12 (D) Berlin – Magnet
10.11.12 (CZ) Prague – Hoodoo
11.11.12 (H) Budapest – Dürer Kert
12.11.12 (A) Vienna – Arena
13.11.12 (I) Rome – Traffic Club
14.11.12 (I) Legnano – Land Of Live Club


  1. Sounds promising so far. I’ll have to give this a better listen a bit later when I don’t have a lot of voices in the building competing with the voices in my head. Or find the earphones. Whichever is easier.

  2. Progressive Metal has a new voice for sure. This album is fucking amazing.

  3. This is an album I am actually going to buy because it is truly an amazing piece of amazing musicianship start to finish. A huge win for progressive metal Just the right amount of heavy and ethereal, likewise with the clean vocals and screaming. Some stars and planets were definitely aligned when these sound waves were created.

  4. Damn good album… can’t stop listening to it. Thanks for bringing this to me!

  5. These guys are great, so skillfully melodic and fierce, a groove and uplifting atmospheres that take you beyond a common musical experience. An absolute masterpiece.

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