Sep 072012

What do you get when you combine blazing speed, mind-blowing intricacy, head-slapping grooves, and creative song construction? You get Hyperthrash. More specifically, you get the latest single from the thoroughly entertaining Nylithia, which we are delighted to premiere for you today.

We first came across this Vancouver/Langley-based band through a recommendation from an NCS reader back in March and included a feature on them in one of our MISCELLANY posts. They are in the midst of a project that’s somewhat unusual in the current scene: They’ve been periodically releasing one song at a time, beginning with a premiere of the song (Metal Sucks debuted the last one) and following that with a month-long free download of the track on Bandcamp, after which it becomes available as a “pay what you want” download.

Each song comes with its own distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Ryan “Humanburger” Jones. And on top of all that, the band have been releasing sweet music videos for each track — and those have been racking up a slug of hits on YouTube.

Eventually, all of the singles will be combined into an album — Hyperthrash — and we hear that when all of the singles have been released and the album is thus complete, it will be made available on vinyl with a booklet containing all the artwork, as well as released in CD format.

But that’s all in the future, because the single we’re premiering today is only the fourth track to be released so far, and more are coming. However, the song we have for you today is nothing less than the album’s title track — and man, fair warning: “Hyperthrash” will blow out your circuits. All of them.

This ain’t no retro-thrash. It’s thrash from some accelerated parallel universe. It’s a balls-to-the-wall, fret-burning, drum-shredding, neuron-twisting explosion. Grab hold of something stable and press play:


To get the first three Nylithia tracks released before this one, go HERE.  And watch that Bandcamp page and Nylithia’s Facebook page to find out when the free download for “Hyperthrash” begins.


  1. That intro totally had me leaning the wrong way into that motherfucking freight train.

    Fuck. That’s a damn fine glass of thrash.

  2. what intrigued me was the artwork, really awesome!!! was hoping that this particular band would not be one of those that have killer artwork and bad music. So reading the post and thinking to myself that NCS has introduce me to a lot of killer bands went and listen to the song and ohh yeah had an “neuron-twisting explosion” and wont be able to work the rest of the afternoon.

  3. dawg…Nylithia does it right. Thanks for giving a shit and making great music, dudes.

  4. Wow! They’ve stepped it up on this one.
    Although… one didn’t notice the nuances of the previous songs until one couldn’t headbang to the jerky rhythms during the first minute of this one.

    The artwork is… colourful to say the least. One still can’t get over the Trainsaw artwork. It’s even more terrifyingly awesome than the Traingun. (*w*)

  5. Holy shit! I don’t even know how to explain this?! This is some next level shit going on here.

  6. incidentally , the onlything i really liked about pantera was the singing.

  7. The intro is misleading

  8. I know I’m always the dick juice who talks about not liking trash, but I like this. Yes, I do.

    They can have TWO gold stars!

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