Oct 252012

Would you like some quality video entertainment? You would? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place, because I happen to have three clips right here that I think you’ll enjoy.


Antropomorphia are a Dutch band whose new Metal Blade release, Evangelivm Nekromantia, really snuck up on me. The clues were there, as was a promo sitting in my in-box, and I just missed all of it until last night, when I watched the band’s recent official video for a track from the album named “Psuchagogia”.

The song burrowed under my skin immediately. It’s an occult-flavored form of death metal, reminiscent at times of Behemoth, with heavy use of tremolo guitar, demonic vocals, and a thundering beat. Halfway through, there’s a slow, very cool instrumental break with the bass taking the lead, and in the video, a ritual then reaches its defining moment in the drinking of blood from a skull, with relish.

Though “psuchagogia” doesn’t appear to be a word found in the dictionary, “psychogogia” is a Greek word meaning the leading of the soul and was used in its original context to describe a ritual of raising souls from the dead. Just so you know.

One word about the album art before we turn to the killer video itself: If those three skeletons in red and the shrouded figure in purple ring any bells, it’s because the band wanted to pay homage to the cover of Death’s Scream Bloody Gore.


Evangelivm Nekromantia is out now and can be ordered here.


Today’s second video comes from Portland’s Red Fang. You remember Red Fang, don’t you? They gave the world the quality videos for “Prehistoric Dog”“Wires”, and “Hank Is Dead”, all of which are funny as shit and happen to feature some mighty kick-ass quality metal, too. They also gave the world a quality new single, “Crows In Swine”, which we featured here last month.

Now we have a new video for “Dirt Wizard”, which is a track from their 2011 album, Murder the Mountains. It’s not the laugh-riot that their previous videos have been — it’s mainly performance and tour footage — but the song itself is . . . quality. This is an undeniable riff machine:


Red Fang’s North American headlining tour with Black TuskIndian Handcrafts, and Lord Dying kicks off this Friday in Sacramento, CA, and if you take a close look at the flyer up above, you can peep the rest of the schedule. Should be a quality show.


And now we come to something that’s more suitable for one of our “THAT’S METAL! – BUT IT’S NOT MUSIC” posts, but I couldn’t wait until the next installment of the series. This is just too fuckin’ good to sit on.

It’s a trailer for a movie that doesn’t exist yet. It’s kind of a “proof of concept” that the filmmakers are using in an effort to raise money for a feature-length film. I sure as shit hope they get the backing they need, because this has win written all over it.

It was written and directed by Dan Blank and it’s about sushi chefs fighting sea monsters. Learn more about the project at this location, or visit Monster Roll on Facebook here.



  1. Killer song from ANTROPOMORPHIA!!! I really need to buy this album!!!! Thanks Islander

  2. T & P to Phro’s pants when he sees those tentacles erupt from that tunnel.

  3. Motherfuckers be fucking with the tentacles gonna get their fucking asses snuggled up and ripped up and chewed up. Big knife? Pah! YOUR KNIFE IS HALF THE SIZE OF MY SMALL DICK, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF HUMAN SHIT.

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