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Not long ago we reported the awesome news that pioneering metal label Earache Records had established a Bandcamp site, launching it with an interesting mix of both new and older releases from their formidable catalogue. Just days after that, they increased the awesomeness by adding Bolt Thrower’s legendary 1991 album War Master to the site.

That was one of 8 albums we suggested that Earache add to Bandcamp, and guess what? Yesterday they added another album from our list:

Entombed: Left Hand Path (1990)

We pushed for the addition of that album because . . . well hell, if you don’t know why, I don’t know how to begin to explain. It is one of your humble editor’s favorite metal albums of all time, world without end, amen.

And holy shit, that’s not all. When I wasn’t paying attention Earache also added two more albums from the NCS list: Altars of Madness (1989) and Blessed Are the Sick (1991) by Morbid Angel!!!

And that’s STILL not all . . .

You will also find on the Earache Bandcamp page the October 2012 album Tomorrow’s Lost by a Canadian band named Cauldron, plus the 2010 debut album Maniacal Miscreation by Scotland’s Cerebral Bore.

This is all very, very sweet news. And in honor of the occasion, here’s Left Hand Path straight from the Earache Bandcamp site — where all of the albums can be streamed and downloaded in high-quality formats and which you can find via THIS LINK.
[bandcamp album=453818918 bgcol=000000 linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]
We have more Bandcamp news.

Debemur Morti is an excellent French extreme metal label who has claimed among its roster of artists the likes of Blut Aus Nord, Infestus, Behexen, SetherealRuins, Leviathan, Archgoat, and Nunfuckritual. Among Debemur Morti’s most recent releases are two of this year’s standout albums (neither of which we’ve yet managed to review because we are lame) — Fin de Siècle by Porta Nigra and Shunya by Wallachia.

Yesterday I learned that Debemur Morti has established a Bandcamp page at this location. So far, the label has uploaded seven albums for streaming and download. One of them is a compilation of songs from Debemur Morti artists that was released on CD in September 2012. For my tastes, it’s a mouth-watering compilation — especially because it can be downloaded with one of those “name your price” options. Check out this tracklist:

1 – Behexen – “We Burn With Serpent Fire”, from Nightside Emanations
2 – Porta Nigra – “Megalomaniac”, edited version from  Fin De Siècle
3 – Setherial – “The Neural Cage Of Self Infliction”, unreleased track taken from Ekpyrosis recording sessions
4 – Nunfuckritual – “Parthenogen”, from In Bondage To The Serpent
5 – Manetheren – “II”, from Time
6 – Slidhr – “Hex”, from Deluge
7 – October Falls – “Bloodlines”, pre-production version from The Plague Of A Coming Age
8 – Archgoat – “Penetrator Of The Second Temple”, from Heavenly Vulva (Christ’s Last Rites)
9 – Blut Aus Nord – “Epitome II”, from 777 – Sect(s)
10 – Rêx Mündi – “The Flesh Begat”, from IHVH
11 – Wallachia – “Dual Nothingness”, pre-production version from Shunya
12 – Infestus – “Down Spiral Depersonification”, from Ex|Ist
13 – Monolithe  – excerpt from Monolithe III

This is strong magic. Listen below.

UPDATE! Just since we originally posted this article this morning, Debemur Morti has added two of the three Blut Aus Nord 777 albums to their Bandcamp site — The Desanctification and Sect(s).

[bandcamp album=123977172 bgcol=000000 linkcol=4285BB size=grande3]



  1. I’ll probably get crucified for holding this opinion, but I don’t get the metal communities devotion to Entombed? Over the years, I’ve tried countless times to get into them, but I just can’t make myself like it. They’re so boring. If I’m gonna listen to *death’n roll* then just give me The Crown and be on your way.

    • I don’t know if Flint has had a crucifixion before, but there’s a first time for everything. Do you want to be nailed head up or head down?

    • Entombed didnt play ‘death-n-roll’ until Wolverine Blues…Their first two albums, as well as their work as Nihilist, basically set the blueprint for what Swedish death metal sounds like

      No one says you have to like it, but their place in extreme metal cant be denied

  2. Entombed is just ok for me (sorry to any fan) other than that this is great news!!!!!

  3. I’ve never been a huge fan, but their place in metal history is indisputable. The early Nihilist stuff and Left Hand Path set the blueprint for the Swedish Death Metal sound.

  4. Behexen sounds like Marduk to me… anyone else hear that? My experience with both bands is limited.

  5. I haven’t heard this band until now. Reading their profile, I think theor music is good. I wonder who/what influences them in making their music. Is this available online? I mean can it be downloaded?

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