Dec 222012

January 1, 2012. That’s the date on which I first saw the album cover for the next full-length release (the 8th) by California’s Deeds of FleshPortals To Canaan. Naturally, I posted about it immediately in an installment of our EYE-CATCHERS series. The artist is Raymond Swanland.

At the time of that post, the only music we had was a “pre-production teaser” for the new album — just Guitar 1 and “drum mapping” (no 2nd guitar, leads, or vocals). Now we’re almost a year down the road, and finally today brought us the debut of the first song from the album — “Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut”.

It’s been a very long wait for new music from this band, especially with the first album teaser being released almost one full year ago. But yes indeed, the wait has been worthwhile. “Rise of the Virvum Juggernaut” is a mechanized slaughterhouse of crushing brutality combined with a brain-centrifuging swirl of start-stop technical acrobatics. It seethes and swarms with alien energy and gnashes its sharp teeth in voracious hunger. It sounds already like the tech-death monster to beat in 2013.

Portals To Canaan will be released by Unique Leader (the label formed by members of DoF) in 2013 — early in 2013, we hope. Prepare to be sliced and diced.



  1. loving this track!!! another great release for 2013 fuck yeah!!!!!

  2. Swanland is really hit or miss with me as an artist….Guys been around forever as a fantasy painter, and overall Ive find his art to be way too stylized for my taste

  3. Cool artwork. That’s all you are getting out of me. LOL

  4. A little meandering without much direction, but I guess I like it.

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