Jan 012012

It’s the first day of the New Year, and a Sunday on top of that, and except for the poor motherfuckers who have to work on Jan 1, I’m guessing most people are having a lazy, drag-ass kind of day — or they’re still in bed with eyes closed and drool coming out their moufs. But not us. No sir, we actually have a crapload of posts scheduled for today, starting with groverXIII’s wake-up call with some Cut Your Teeth loudness and the latest round of Trollfiend’s deathmatch with Amorphis.

I’m following that raucous video and the Amorphis bowel-perforation with the eye-catching album cover up there. It’s for the next full-length release (the 8th) by California’s Deeds of Flesh, Portals To Canaan. It reminds me a lot of Par Olofsson’s work, but the artist in this case is Raymond Swanland. It’s the first time I’ve come across his name — he seems to do a lot of his work for games such as Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft. After the jump, I’ve got more of his striking artwork, plus a “pre-production teaser” for the new Deeds of Flesh album.

First, here’s the teaser. It’s just Guitar 1 and “drum mapping” (no 2nd guitar, leads, or vocals) that the band recently released to give fans an idea of what’s to come:

And now here’s more of Raymond Swanland’s art. To see still more, go here.



  13 Responses to “EYE-CATCHERS”

  1. Sweet artwork. Wasn’t aware these guys run Unique Leader Records.

  2. That’s some gosh-dang purty artwork.

  3. I love the Predator with the Alien hounds pic…awesome.

  4. No one this awesome should ever do artwork for Disturbed

  5. Reminds me of Par Olofsson, and in some cases, Dan Seagrave. Pretty sweet.

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