Dec 292012

Happy fuckin’ Saturday to one and all. I’m starting to think about what kind of rowdiness I should get into on New Year’s Eve. I may really pull out the stops and stay up ’til 10:30 this year, and maybe see if there are some fireworks on TV in a later time zone. Y’know, get really raw and wild. I might even try to get frisky with my wife, though I’ll have to get her liquored up and hide her knives.

In the meantime, here are a few items of interest I discovered over the last 24 hours.


Don’t tell my wife, but I have rough, hot, sticky man-love for Brujeria. I would dearly love to catch them live, and get up really close where I could feel their heat and they could feel mine, and perhaps there would be an exchange of bodily fluids such as sweat and saliva. And I could wear a bandana over my face and a ballcap and I’d brush up on my Spanish so I could yell along to the lyrics without sounding like the fuckin’ gringo that I am.

But until then, I will have to make do with videos such as the one below, which was shot at the RBF Club in Sofia, Bulgaria, on December 21, 2012, by Vasil Vasev. The up-close-and-personal footage is high-quality and captures the sense of chaos that I imagine a Brujeria show would spawn. Also very cool: the flashes of green that appear in this black-and-white film. More of Vasse’s clips from this show can be found here.



Rectified Spirit are a band from Guwahati, India, who just last night had the release show for their debut self-titled album. I found out about them because the album is being released by Demonstealer Records, the label run by Sahil Makhija (Demonstealer) of the awesome Demonic Resurrection.

Initially, I wasn’t feeling motivated to check out their music because, based on the written description I read, I had some doubts about whether it would be my kind of thing. But I downloaded the advance promo that Demonstealer sent me — and then dithered around, got distracted by other things, and didn’t dive into it.

And then yesterday I saw that a track from the album had been uploaded to Soundcloud for streaming, and I decided, what the fuck, I might as well see what this is all about. So I listened to “Bloodrush”. And holy shit, it turns out that Rectified Spirit have some mean chops!

“Bloodrush” busts out some mighty grooves, a catchy-as-fuck melody, and a flurry of flashy instrumental pyrotechnics, including a striking guitar solo. The varied vocals, which move from raspy howls to soaring cleans, are also appealing, and the production is very nice, too. Check this out:


While visiting Soundcloud to catch “Bloodrush”, I discovered that a second song from the album is also streaming there. This one is named “Paradigm Lost”. Also technically flashy, also packed with spine-cracking groove, and filled with even more remarkable vocal variety, it’s a high-energy rush to hear. I’m now feeling highly motivated to check out the rest of this album.


Rectified Sprit’s album can be ordered here, and their Facebook page is at this location.


I found out about this California band through an e-mail from TheMadIsraeli. They released a new EP They All Carry Ghosts on Christmas Day. It follows their 2011 debut album A Harsh Reality, and it’s now available for download on Bandcamp with a “name your price” option. Yesterday I listened to the EP’s title track, which was the one recommended by TheMadIsraeli.

Apothesary deliver a blast of blistering, super-tight melodic tech-death that moves at Formula One speeds while dumping a big mass of ear worms into your skull. Needless to say, I’ve moved deeper into the album, and although I haven’t finished listening to all of it, what I’ve heard confirms my initial impressions: this is impressive, hard-charging melodic death metal with a shitload of technical flair and enough pummeling brutality to leave bruises.

Here’s the full-album stream, preceded by relevant links:



The final item came to my attention via a message from DGR. It pretty much caused me to lose my shit.

It turns out there is an online service called that will convert online blogs into podcasts. DGR took it upon himself to have the NO CLEAN SINGING blog converted by The resulting podcast allows you to either stream or download and audio version of the latest 10 posts on NCS.

We try to inject a little humor into this site, but even the serious stuff sounds funny as shit when read aloud by a robotic voice. Here, for example, is Andy Synn’s review of the forthcoming album by Omnium Gatherum, which we published yesterday:

[audio:|titles=Review of Omnium Gatherum-Beyond]

To get the podcastomatic audio for the latest 10 NCS posts, go here:



  1. ” I might even try to get frisky with my wife, though I’ll have to get her liquored up and hide her knives.” I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  2. Rectified Spirit is definitely a band you’ve got lookout for. The album sampler, they released earlier seems enticing enough.

  3. The Font of All Human Knowledge has this to say about Recitfied Spirit… Curse One’s memories of chemistry class. One can’t help but snicker and go “Oh God Why?” upon reading that. (-_-“) Cool band though.

    About the podcast: why don’t you have a real podcast instead of a bot reading out your site?

  4. When the robot actually gets going and sounds natural, it sounds like NCS via NPR. We need to do a pornogrind review just to hear this thing do the song titles.

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