Feb 042013

(Below, TheMadIsraeli provides a review of the 2012 EP Vessel by Vancouver’s Abriosis.)

If I told you we had a band on our hands here who brought to the table the genre-bending, fusing duality of Revocation, the noisy, unorthodox, massive dissonance of Gojira, and a take on composition that is very Martyr-esque, I bet you’d shit yourself. In case no one paid attention to them when Islander mentioned them back in his “girl growlers” series (here), Abriosis is that band.

This EP, Vessel, chews up and spits out anything lesser in its path in its short 20-minute run time. Abriosis bring chaos with a contradictory sense of pin-point accuracy and focus that, quite frankly, blows a lot of their current peers out of the water. This is envelope-pushing stuff, even if the territory explored here is nothing terribly new, just an exciting combination of more modern approaches to brutality.

I highly recommend checking this out, and picking it up, whatever you need to do — and it’s easy since the band have just made the EP available for free download via this link.

Below, enjoy all four songs from the EP, which the band kindly posted on Youtube. I’m blown away.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Abriosis
Web site: http://www.abriosis.com/
Cover art by Alison Lilly


  2 Responses to “ABRIOSIS: “VESSEL””

  1. One’s immediate crush on the vocalist aside, these guys are amazing. Revocation x Gojira indeed… Also, “Dat Bass.” One still can’t believe that was just 20 minutes long. O_O

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