Feb 152013

Maybe meteorites need to pulverize Russia more often. Earlier this morning, we got a really impressive detonation from space that has injured 1,000 people so far in central Russia — and that proved to be simply the fanfare for a new free digital compilation from Metality.net, which we’re co-sponsoring (details here). And then I discovered that Candlelight Records has just released their own free digital comp that’s also really impressive.

This digital sampler features music from Candlelight USA’s “Cult Series” and includes songs from many bands we’ve praised here at NCS, including Cnoc An Tursa (Scotland), Khors (Ukraine), Wodensthrone (England), Voices (England), Reverence (France), Kontinuum (Iceland), Crown (France), and Zatokrev (Switzerland), as well as Nine Covens (England).

I want to say an extra word about the Cnoc An Tursa tracks. There are two of them on this sampler and they’re from The Giants of Auld, an album that hasn’t been released yet. I am very excited about this album based on the music I’ve heard so far (one of these songs was featured in a post I wrote earlier this month, where you can find more info about the band). All of the other songs on this comp are super-strong, too.

The music is available for streaming and download on Bandcamp — which you can access via this link.

Take a spin through this excellent collection:

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