Apr 052013

What you are looking at above is the just-released poster for Maryland Deathfest the Movie III, with artwork created by Bite Radius Designs of Nottingham, England. May I say that it’s fuckin’ sick? Why yes, I believe I just did.

And yes, there will indeed be an MDF the Movie III, though it will be the last MDF movie (or at least the last one by talented filmmaker David Hall). If you have a long memory, you may recall reading back in 2011 (here, for example) a statement by Hall that his footage of MDF 9 (2011) would never see the light of day, in part because Hall was getting screwed over by an ex-business partner and the partner’s associates who were holding much of the footage hostage.

It doesn’t appear that this situation ever got resolved — Hall stated on the Handshake Inc. Facebook page in January that although he had salvaged film of 8 bands, “the rest of the footage from MDF 9 was irretrievable and thanks to the herpetic piece of human garbage who stole the rest of the footage, neurosis, voivod, orange goblin, in solitude and countless others won’t be in the film.”

However, in addition to the footage that Hall did salvage from MDF 9, it appears the MDF III movie will also include footage of performances from MDF 10 in 2012.

Hall has mentioned in the past that he’d like to include two DVDs worth of material plus a soundtrack album that would include multi-tracked live audio of sets performed by many of the MDF 9 bands whose filmed performances are now gone.

I’m not yet sure what the MDF III movie or soundtrack will include in their entirety (and I’m too anxious to wait for an official press release), but based on snooping at the Handshake Inc. FB page and peering intently at the poster, it appears the following bands have approved the use of their MDF 9 or 10 performances — and it appears that there will be a special Blueray edition, too:

Church of Misery
St Vitus
Dragged Into Sunlight
The Devil’s Blood
Today Is the Day
Black Witchery
Electric Wizard
Coke Bust
Napalm Death
Die Pigeon Die
Corrosion of Conformity

Not sure about the release date yet, but I’ll let you know when I find out. This has all the earmarks of must-see and must-hear material.


  1. Wow, that was way back in 2011?! Time goes by fast in the metal-verse.

  2. Pretty damn good list o’ bands! Would buy

  3. Funny..I think I only saw about a quarter of those approved performances

    …An hour+ of Godflesh starts to really sound the same after awhile
    …St Vitus absolutely crushed it
    …Black Witchery seemed to be having some sound issues..depending on which side of the stage you were standing they sounded really rough or really good. Still worth it to see Impurath get all pissed off at chicken suit guy
    ..The crowd for Electric Wizard was insane. Ive got pics showing people packed asses to elbows, and the stage is still way off in the distance

    • Just monitoring the Handshake FB page, it wasn’t clear that they were going to be able to get the approvals they needed for Electric Wizard. Now it appears that the Electric Wizard stuff will be a bonus for a special edition. But I guess we’ll know for sure when there’s an official announcement.

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