May 252013

I first found out about this riveting ensemble of maniacs from Vancouver in March 2012 (writing about them here), and then last September we had the pleasure of debuting a Nylithia song called “Hyperthrash”. In a nutshell, they’ve been working on an album also called Hyperthrash, releasing one song at a time for download, with separate artwork and videos for each song. So far, four songs are available — “Trainsaw”, “Immersed In the Maniacal”, “Vein of Creation”, and the afore-mentioned “Hyperthrash”.

Very late last night the band uploaded their newest official video, and this one is for “Vein of Creation”, a song that originally had its premiere at MetalSucks in December 2011. It gives me an excuse to paraphrase what I’ve written before about the band’s music: This ain’t no retro-thrash. It’s thrash from some accelerated parallel universe. It’s a balls-to-the-wall, fret-burning, drum-shredding, neuron-twisting explosion. It’s a head-wrecking combo of blazing speed, eye-popping intricacy, neck-slapping grooves, and a fuckton of exuberance.

And as for the video . . . the Vein of Creation monster is among us, and ready for a good time.

You can check out and download all of the Nylithia singles released so far at their Bandcamp site. Lick them on Facebook here. You can like them there, too.

And in other Nylithia news, it appears they’re recording two new tracks. About fuckin’ time!

Here’s the new video:


  1. awesome band, the Infector EP was pretty badass, and i’m loving the new tracks

  2. bass tapping? i’m in.

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