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I wrestled with myself about whether to continue writing about Varg Vikernes’ arrest in France on suspicion of plotting a terrorist attack and its aftermath. About the only news we generally cover (and we don’t do anything like a comprehensive job of it) involves music, and this episode certainly doesn’t qualify. I also feel uncomfortable adding to the publicity about someone who I don’t want to publicize except to the extent he makes music as Burzum that’s worth hearing (and even then, I have some recurring qualms).

But I crossed a figurative bridge with the first post about Varg’s arrest and the second one about his release, and I’ve decided I might as well finish the story — or at least finish it as far as this site is concerned, especially because so many people read those first two posts.

As expected, Varg has now written — at length — about his arrest, interrogation, and release by French authorities. What may surprise some is that it is not a rant, nor does he seize on the events as an excuse to play the persecuted victim (at least not much) or to re-publish his anti-Semitic and racist ideologies. To the contrary, he is respectful and complimentary of the French police, particularly by contrast with his views about his treatment in Norway (which he refers to as “Soviet Norway”). Ironically, his treatment appears only to have solidified his love of France as an adopted home.

I’m not encouraging anyone to read what Varg wrote, because it’s really not all that important. But I read all of it, and after learning what happened (at least as Varg describes it), I couldn’t help but feel sympathy for his wife and especially his son, who witnessed what must have been a frightening experience. Of course, families are traumatized every day all over the world by men with guns and the badges of governmental authority based on what some loved one has done, or was suspected of doing. I still have a hard time being cold-hearted about it.

Having read other of Varg’s writings over the years to the extent they were relevant to things I’ve written about his music in the past, I was also less surprised than perhaps others will be by the quality of the writing. As a narrative, it drew me onward to the end. It’s a continuing mystery to me how some people can be so obviously intelligent, talented, seemingly rational, and even kind-hearted in some respects and yet also harbor such hateful and degrading views about whole classes of their fellow human beings.

At the end of his five-part narrative, Varg also explains what he was told about the reasons for his arrest — which do seem even more ridiculous than they did when first reported — in addition to thanking supporters, refusing financial contributions — and continuing to defend himself against the charge of murdering Euronymous, for which he spent 16 years in prison.

These are links to his essay as it stands so far.



  1. it’s so frustrating to see such intelligence and talent tainted by such overwhelming bigotry and hate. i find myself torn between wanting to see him vindicated and cheered, found guilty and sent back to jail, or just simply ignored and forgotten and left to stew in his own anger and obscurity.

  2. Holy shit, Varg Vikernes looks OLD.

    • Yeah, this photo just appeared recently. For a guy who’s only 40, he’s gotten very gray and grizzled. I guess spending 16 years in prison might do that to you, though I’m guessing that a beard trim might take a few years off.

      • I was thinking the same, but didn’t know his age… can’t believe he’s only 40! I had a read over his posts, and agree on a number of points. He does write well, not that that’s a surprise. It’s interesting to hear his point of view about Norway, although in all honesty if I went to prison and thought I shouldn’t have, I’d be pissed at whatever country it was.

        After reading that, I did feel kinda sorry for him. Especially when you have his kids, pregnant wife and family members getting caught up in the raid, although I’ve got no time for the views he promulgates that started off the raid.

        I guess one think that pisses me off a bit about this whole story is that this was covered on various international news sites, but I’m sure none of them will follow it up – I certainly haven’t seen any stories saying he was released afterwards. It’s just since (a) it’s ‘terrorism’ and (b) he’s a metal musician, means that it makes an ‘interesting/attention grabbing’ item for the news media to post out of the blue… but that’s it, only the initial arrest and no follow up. No mention of that fact that he seems to have been released without terrorism charges. But then again, initial reporting with no follow up is typical of many news items across the board.

      • Makes me feel a whole lot better about my own appearance at 42.

  3. Grizzly Adams was in Burzum?

    (God, I’m old.)

    • Join the club. I remember Grizzly Adams.

      • Not to go way off the topic at hand, but just to put *feeling old* into perspective, I share with you a recent experience of mine, I was at work and, when seeing a co-worker with the Galaxy Note II cell phone, made a few Zack Morris *Saved By The Bell* quips, which I thought were pretty funny. I was met with blank stares from several within hearing distance. Then it dawned on me, they were so young, it was likely they didn’t know what Saved By The Belle was. I asked and my suspicions were confirmed. I said something like, “the show was on until the early 90’s…surely you guys saw it at some point?” One guy responded, “I was in 3rd grade when 9/11 happened.” So I then asked, “do you even remember life without cell phones and internet?” His response? “I remember life with dial-up.” I FEEL FUCKING OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! Young cunts!

  4. VARG VIKERNES & MARIE CACHET home address:
    19510 Las Fleytias (road labelled as D85), Salon-la-Tour, France

    Let´s all bake a cake, hide a saw in it and deliver it at their door. Sweet. đŸ˜‰

  5. The story about his orange underwear is grand.

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