Jul 292013

We’ve already let loose a string of posts about new song and video premieres today, but we have one more. The first is a new video from . . .


Not long ago we reported that this Bay Area band who we’ve written about frequently (writings collected here) had signed with the Unique Leader label, and that Unique Leader plans to re-issue the band’s self-released debut album, Called To Rise, on October 15 (check our review of it here). Today we got the new official video for the album’s final track, “Omniverse”. It’s one of my favorite songs on the album, a mix of heart-racing death metal performed with technical flare and eerie atmospherics.

That eerie quality that drifts through the song is captured in the visual effects and animation in the cool new video by Brandon Hunt. Check it out next:




I’ve been a fan of this band from The Republic of the Maldives for quite a while. For more info about them, this link will take you to our previous posts about the band. The latest news we reported (a couple of months ago) was that the band would be releasing a digital-only, self-titled EP. Today it became available everywhere outside North America, and the North American release is scheduled for August 6 (it’s available for pre-order on iTunes here).

Today also brought a premiere by Bloody Disgusting of one of the new songs, “Rannamaari”. Based on previous reports, the entire EP “shines a light on the folklore, beliefs and legends of the Maldivian islands”, while also incorporating themes relating to “social issues such as child abuse, corruption and family related problems”. The song that debuted today is about a mythical sea serpent (Rannamaari) that seeks a virgin as a sacrifice every full moon. The islanders are led to believe this, but in truth it is the king who seeks the virgins.

Musically, the hypnotic song incorporates Maldivian percussion and what sound like ethnic melodies. It’s an Exception to the Rule around here because the singing is clean, but I’m digging the track.




  1. the Oblivion video is pretty cool, and i love that song

  2. That Nothnegal track is some interesting shit… in fact, so is oblivion for that matter. This must be the only time in history something has become available on iTunes here in the ass end of the world known as NZ before the US. And at $7.16 NZD, the most random price ever, I think I shall buy said EP.

  3. Oblivion really seems to have a good grasp on how to play death metal. I’m liking everything I hear from them.

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