Jul 302013

New videos have given me an excuse to write again about two excellent songs.


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve posted different performances of “Fjara”. I don’t think it will ever grow old for me. And today brought me another excuse to do it again.

On July 25, Iceland’s Sólstafir performed at the Metaldays Festival in Tolmin, Slovenija. Someone with good equipment filmed the band’s performance of “Fjara” and uploaded it to YouTube. It looks like a beautiful setting for a festival (you get a glimpse of it at the end of the clip), though it’s a little strange to see the band performing in blinding sunlight. But apart from some overexposure brought about by all that daylight, the video looks and sounds very good.

And the song remains amazing, and the band remain the Kings of Cool, and I remain very stoked about the idea of seeing them live at Maryland Deathfest next May, where surely they will play this song. Watch and listen next . . .



I hope you didn’t miss out on this Australian band’s 2012 EP Ceremonial Conjuration. If you did, it wasn’t for lack of my trying to spread the word (witness this review). My favorite track on that release is “Awakening”, a mid-tempo rocker that’s pure riff treasure. Seriously, it’s Grade A riff genius, built for headbanging and dripping with venom, thanks to Howitzer’s reptilian snarls. The guitar solo also complements the song perfectly.

My excuse for writing about the song again is today’s release of an official video for the track, which gives us a look at the band on stage. Limber up your neck muscles and press play (and then continue reading).




While I’m on the subject of Gospel of the Horns on stage, here’s another new video. This one was filmed during the band’s performance at the Stonehenge Festival in Steenwijk, The Netherlands, on July 27. The song is “Vengeance Is Mine”, from the band’s 2002 album A Call To Arms, and it’s a goddamn black thrashing tornado.



  1. Speaking of Maryland Deathfest, was I hallucinating when I saw the part of their web page the other day that said early-bird tickets would go on sale at 8 p.m. in someone’s time-zone? Now it just says they will be available “soon.”

    • You weren’t hallucinating. They were supposed to go on sale last Saturday night. But then this note appeared on the MDF Facebook:

      “Early-bird ticket postponement:

      If you’ve been trying to order an early-bird pass within the last hour, accept our apologies, as this host is not handling the traffic the way we expected it to. You can stop compulsively trying to order a ticket, and if you had alcoholic beverages calling your name, go ahead and enjoy them now.

      We’ll post a new date/time for the early-bird sale either later tonight or tomorrow.”

      Still no news, however . . .

      • That’s reassuring. I thought my overly strong desire to go was distorting my perception of reality. I’ll keep an eye on the site.

  2. yup i did miss out on the Gospel of the Horns EP, but i’ll grab it now because that song is awesome 🙂

  3. Had that GoH EP day one and it was one of my faves from last year. Hope they put out a new full soon.

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