Aug 122013

A few quick hits for you from my own quick spin through my e-mail and the interhole this afternoon.


Last week we brought you some news about the next album by Canada’s Kataklysm, Waiting For the End To Come, including the artwork for the CD. I thought the artwork was okay, but it didn’t elevate my pulse rate. HOWEVER, the artwork previously revealed is only for the standard jewel case version of the CD and a limited edition cassette tape of the album. There is an alternate cover for “the deluxe digipak” and the LP versions of the album, and you’re looking at it.

No disrespect intended to Peter Sallai, but I find this creation by the stellar Eliran Kantor much more appealing. It reminds me of what a collaboration between John Martin and Gustave Doré might have produced. Love it!



We’ve already said what we think of the new Fleshgod Apocalypse album, Labyrinth. Now you can listen to the whole thing, because it’s now streaming at Terrorizer. It’s an exclusive stream, which means the embed option is disabled for now. So, go HERE to listen if you’re curious how this virtually non-stop rampage will affect your sensorium.



Your humble editor finds himself in Idaho today, thanks to the old fuckin’ day job. You could find yourself in much worse places. The sky is blue, the clouds are white, the Sawtooth range is in sight, and aspen leaves are fluttering in a mild breeze. It seemed fitting, therefore, that I found a video which premiered today featuring Boise’s Bone Dance.

I wanted to include the video in this round-up not just because of that happy coincidence, but also because it’s a great example of an effective partnership between music and visuals. The song is “Writhing In Ecstasy”, off the band’s self-titled 2012 album. It’s an abandon-all-hope-ye-who-enter-here piece of sledgehammer hardcore, and the beautifully filmed and edited video (directed by AJ Duthie) does a great job of conveying the visceral punch of the music in a live setting.

I’ve been in some cramped venues before, but this one seems especially well-selected for the suffocating nature of the music.

The premiere occurred at Revolver, but I can embed it for you below, and I have. The album is on Bandcamp at this location.



  1. Ahhhhhh…. that Kataklysm artwork is MUCH better.

  2. I’m all for helping out the local artists, but Bone Dance just isn’t my kinda stuff. Definitely one of the better underground bands here, but I have yet to discover a Boise area act I really enjoy. Since Jazz and Indie are huge here, metal is very much underground. You actually can’t see the Sawtooth Mountains from Boise, as they are quite a ways away. What you can see is the Boise Front and the Owyhees (if they sky is clear). The sky is blue here SOMETIMES in late summer. The surrounding desert gets a lot of wildfires and the smoke settles in the valley, as there is no wind to push it out and no rain to suppress the smoke or quench the fire.

  3. that artwork is a definite improvement, and Labrynth sounds amazing

  4. It’s funny how artwork can totally pump me up for a new release or completely kill my enthusiasm. Needless to say the new artwork has piqued my interest.

    • Obviously, I’m in the same camp. I get a Pavlovian response to superior artwork — I start slobbering to hear the music. This is one of those rare occasions where the same album of music is being delivered with two covers at the same time, one that just sort of caused me to lick my lips and one that fully opened up the saliva ducts.

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