Aug 282013

(TheMadIsraeli has found time to whip up a few quick reviews while participating in the Seattle NCS Confab, and this one seemed like a good pick for today.)

So, here we have a band who have been inactive since fucking 1992. They have been reformed by the bassist/vocalist (who seems to be the songwriter) with two new guys (being a three-piece seems to be the Death Courier “thing”). The original guitarist is dead, and I don’t know why the drummer didn’t come back.

I don’t pay much attention to Greek death metal — I usually find it underwhelming — but Death Courier’s brand of deathgrind is a fucking beastly affair, and Perimortem is both savage and catchy as shit. Short songs (the album is only 19 minutes long), chainsaw guitars tuned down to B, old-school vomity death vocals, grinds, slow drags out the ass, classic Swedish style riffing that brings forth memories of bands such as Bloodbath and Hypocrisy, and devastating Suffocation-style breakdowns: it’s a pretty satisfying meal for its insanely short duration.

Really good if you want to kill people, set fires to cities, start riots, engage in unrestrained mass cannibalism, and fuck shit up in general. Ordering info and download links are supposed to appear on the sites linked below.

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  1. Check out fellow Greek death-grinders Pester the Pure, I’ve been jamming their shit a lot lately. It’s more “modern” sounding than this band, but the Morbid Angel influences are apparent in both bands (perhaps from different eras). Thanks for sharing this! I love straight-up death metal. No frills, just repeatedly stomping on your neck!!!

  2. this is insanely awesome

  3. This is quite good. Thank you for posting about something that’s not terrible djent/deathcore, Israel.

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