Aug 282013

I haven’t been keeping my eyes peeled for metal news since last week because I’ve been too busy hob-nobbing with my fellow NCS scribes in Seattle. I did take a few quick minutes this morning to glance around and found the following three items that I thought were interesting.


At the end of July we reported the welcome news that black metal powerhouse Inquisition had revealed the name of their next album (Obscure Verses for the Multiverse) and announced its release dates via Season of Mist — October 29 in North America and October 25 elsewhere. Today brought more information about the album, beginning with the cover art above, which is quite fetching.

We have also been treated to a teaser of music from the album. The video clip that I’ve included beyond the jump includes short snippets from 9 tracks. Except for the snippet of the last track, which features a harsh roar, you’ll learn that Dagon has not changed his vocal style, which continues to sound like a bullfrog being strangled with barbed wire.

You’ll also be reminded that he writes some mean riffs.

The new album is now up for pre-order here.



I have a feeling that anyone who cares about Ihsahn has already learned about yesterday’s report that Candlelight Records has set October 22 as the North American release date for his fifth solo album, Das Seelenbrechen, with pre-orders beginning on September 10. But just in case, I’m including it here.

At least as interesting as that news is the further report in Candlelight’s press release that Das Seelenbrechen will be a sharp departure from ihsahn’s last two albums: “The recording exists in an entirely unfamiliar sonic world as IHSAHN draws upon his most esoteric influences, fully embracing the spirit of the avant-garde.” According to the same release, the album will “range from bittersweet electronica to deranged and feral improvisation” and will be every bit as dark and destructive as the artist’s previous work” but “far more disorientating and disturbing than anything he has attempted in his past.”

Oh, but there’s more: “Recorded at his own studio in Norway in collaboration with drummer Tobias Ornes Anderson (Leprous), Das Seelenbrechen courageously eschews traditional metal instrumentation in favor of a limitless textural landscape that evokes the freewheeling spirit of artists like Diamanda Galas, Scott Walker, and John Zorn.” The album will include several purely improvisational songs, as well as improvisational parts of others.

I don’t know about you, but all of this makes me curious about the album — though more curious than hungry for it. We shall see.



Yesterday also brought cover art and the welcome news that Scotland’s Man Must Die will finally be releasing their new album under the name Peace Was Never An Option on October 28 in Europe and a date later in NorthAm via Lifeforce Records.

MMD have certainly had their ups and downs since parting ways with Relapse Records, and in fact succeeded with a crowd-funding campaign to help underwrite the costs of the new album before signing with Lifeforce in July. It will be good to hear what they have gotten up to musically since 2009’s No Tolerance For Imperfection. I’m expecting bone splinters.



  1. nice artwork for Man Must Die, i’m really looking forward to hearing something new from them.
    i had to laugh at my own stupidity; when the vocals kicked in on the Inquisition preview i couldn’t stop myself from chanting “redrum redrum”…

  2. How the hell are you even able to type after the carnage you’ve all been subjecting yourselves too?

    Can’t wait for that new Inquisition, quite possibly one of my fave black metal bands ;p

  3. Inquisition rules. I’m ready for Ihsahn to deliver us the mindfuck that has been looming in his crazed mind. I love “progressive” metal and more bands should stop getting stuck on the metal part. Progress, damn you!

  4. High expectations for the next Ihsahn release. I saw him live with Leprous in Brutal Assault earlier this month and was mind-blown not only by their performance, but by the fact they all tuned and soundchecked their instruments by themselves before the show. I see that not only as a wish of ensuring a perfect show for fans, but also an act of humility, even though Ihsahn is quite popular.

  5. There’s a section on the last song of the last Inquisition album where Dagon uses that roar. It’s a pretty kickass and surprising change up. The new one could be my most-looked-forward to album this year.

  6. Curious is a good word regarding the Ihsahn release. I’m normally all in for giving the man my money without hesitation, regardless of the project, but this is the first time I’ve felt the need to hear samples of the new direction prior to preordering. Given his history, it will probably rock, but, yeah…curious.

  7. The Inquisition snippets sound fantastic! It very much sounds like Inquisitions previous works, but there is something new aswell. The riffing almost reminds me of Immortal.

    • Oh and the artwork is really cool. The coverart alone would look really good on a double gatefold, but shiet, goatskin sleeve? Im gonna need me some of that!

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