Sep 152013

I took  a rare break from metal for most of yesterday, but not a complete break. I did spend time last night checking out new music and found a handful of savage items that I thought were worth featuring in this post. So here we go:


Dichotomy are a band from Dublin, Ireland, who self-released their debut album Paradigm last month. I haven’t heard it, but I did catch a video they premiered through Terrorizer on Friday for one of the album’s songs. The song’s name is “Of Strife Of Discord”, and according to the band: “The song’s title is a reference to Eris, Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord. The song is about the destruction of the self and allowing chance to rule one’s course; about becoming the embodiment of chaos.”

The song is a dichotomy, too. On the one hand, it’s a jet-fueled blast of melodic death metal with a lot of flying fretwork and some pleasingly serpentine guitar solos. On the other hand, it delivers a boatload of galvanizing grooves that should get heads banging hard. I had fun listening to it.

There are two noteworthy things about the well-filmed video. The first is that it features a comely young lass crawling around on the floor in her underwear. And I forget the other thing.



WarCall are from Montreal, Quebec, and their second album Blood, Guts & Dirt (which was mastered by Anaal Nathrakh’s Mick Kenney) is due for release this coming week (Sept 17) by Panoptic Records (it can be ordered here). I’ve listened to two songs from the new album. “Faces of Death” is a mid-paced chug fest whose riffing brings Amon Amarth to mind, but also includes a few blistering solo eruptions and blasting drum sections. “Motordeath”, on the other hand, is a high-speed ripper, something like a blackened, melodic-death version of Motörhead. Actually, I’m not sure that’s a terribly accurate description of “Motordeath”, but it’s the first thing that popped into my head. I am sure that the song will kick your ass.

Both songs are catchy, both of them feature good, howling vocals, and together they suggest that the music on the album is going to be varied. Good stuff (listen below).



Last weekend I included a new lyric video (“The Order”) from this Swedish death metal band in a round-up post. I mentioned that I had heard the band’s new album, Darkness Unbound, and that it’s really good. Now you can discover the album for yourselves because on Sept 13 it began streaming in full at Terrorizer. It’s an exclusive stream, so I can’t embed it for you here, but I can give you the following link — along with my recommendation that you go check it out if you’re into old-school Swedish butchery:

The band’s Facebook page is at this location:



For our next stop on this global metal tour we’re stopping off in Slovenia to be savaged by Cvinger. They released their debut EP Monastery of Fallen in July, and it’s available for streaming and purchase on Bandcamp (I’ve included the link below). Though I haven’t yet listened to the EP, I did catch their official video for the EP’s title track, which premiered on Friday the 13th. The song is a blasting assault of black metal venom, with storming guitars, enraged vocals, and a very cool drum performance that I think knocked some of my fillings loose.

I thought the use of light and shadow in the video was damned cool, too. Prepare to be mauled.



I assume anyone who frequents this site is already familiar with Russia’s almighty Pseudogod. They made a tremendous splash with their 2012 debut album Deathwomb Catechesis, delivering a hurricane of black/death decimation. For the most part, the music is pure fucking slash and burn, with hornet swarms of guitars, massed drum artillery, and monstrous vocals welling up from the Pit. It rains death from the skies, with colossal grooves and merciless riffing.

Yesterday I saw a recently uploaded fan-filmed video of the band performing “Triangular Phosphorescence” at the Beyond the Gates Festival II last month in Bergen, Norway. The sound and video quality are decent enough to make it worth posting here, especially since it gives us a rare look at Pseudogod in the flesh, performing the longest and doomiest song on Deathwomb. I just wish the camera angle could have given us a glimpse of drummer Yogsothoth in action, because he’s a fuckin’ monster behind the kit.


  1. Wow. WarCall was freaking awesome! Motordeath is just how dirty drunken thrash should sound

  2. Oh, and i was at Beyond the Gates II , It wa a great festival with Lotsa great bands. About half of them were unknown to me, and i mostly went to see necros christos and bulldozer, but almost every band were freaking awesome. Someone really did a great job of putting the lineup together.

  3. Good way to start Sunday…lots of new stuff I want to check out here

  4. Dichotomy and WarCall both kick some serious derriere. I’l have to get to that Demonical album today too; I liked the track that premiered a week or so ago.

  5. i’m putting Dichotomy and Demonical on my wishlist, they’re both sounding pretty badass

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