Sep 282013

Holy fuckin’ shit on a stick!

I just came across a professionally filmed video of a bunch of teen-aged (and sub-teen) music students recording a cover of Tool’s song “Forty Six & 2” from their 1996 Ænima album. It’s ridiculously impressive. The vocalist and the drummer are especially amazing to watch and hear, but all of the kids really kick the hell out of this song.

Their instructor is a dude named Aaron O’Keefe who teaches at various music academies in Ohio. He’s obviously doing a fantastic job.

Yes, this is an Exception to the Rule round here, but one that’s completely justified in my humble opinion. If there’s ever a School of Rock sequel, Jack Black could save some time: Here’s your cast, dude.

Watch this next:

(via antiquiet)


  1. That was impressive, to say the least.

  2. that was amazing, makes you wonder if 10 years from now some of those kids might be tearing it up onstage with some killer band

  3. Ah snap, I just shared this with some mates on Facebook. These kids nail it, especially the drummer. I like the little touches like throwing in the piano. If only music class was this cool when I was in school….

  4. The other songs they do are insane as well. There’s a group of kids that tear up Number of The Beast by Iron Maiden. This guy is a great teacher!

  5. The rhythm section is amazingly good, the little dude is just killing it on the drums

  6. Damn that kid can sing.

  7. Number of the Beast featuring the same rhythm section, and a cute little girl 🙂

  8. Wow. These kids are awesome. I wonder why I even keep struggling to play guitar…

  9. Holy shit. Now he just needs to teach growling.

  10. How about some Down? Trying to understand how these vocals can be coming from someone who looks like he’s about 9 years old.

  11. These Kids are BOMB!!!!
    i was blown away by this!!!!

  12. seen this four times this day and it still amaze me….look forward to see more!!

  13. That girl will be a dynamite vocalist as soon as she goes through her angsty teen years and gets some grit and passion in her voice. The kid on Number of the Beast knows what I’m talkin’ about. She has a great sound and skill level, though.

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