Sep 292013

This is a piece of news that warms my cold black heart, a true Cinderella story, except there’s nothing pretty about New York’s Artificial Brain — a New York space-death-metal band that includes vocalist Will Smith (Buckshot Facelift, ex-Biolich), Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulo, and some other mutants who apparently still wish to remain nameless.

I’ve been following this band for more than two years, writing about their first three-song EP, their first music video, and their latest two-song offering that appeared last spring — about which I frenetically penned these words:

“Imagine an alien stew consisting of cutting/blasting black metal, pummeling death metal, cosmic guitar digressions, rubbery bass-lines, roaring grisly bears, and shrieking ice giants. Also, gang vocals and a bit of Gorguts-like tech frenzy. And unstable tempos.”

Last spring I had heard that Artificial Brain was going to record a full-length album with Colin Marston that undoubtedly would include additional manifestations of sonic dementia. Today I learned not only that the album has in fact been recorded but also that it will be released by Profound Lore. Details follow in this message we received from the band:

“Artificial Brain has signed with Profound Lore records to release our first full length album in early 2014.

-The album will be called “Labyrinth Constellation”

-It was recorded by Colin Marston (Dysrythmia, Gorguts, Krallice, etc.) at the Thousand Caves studios in Queens, NY

-There will be no clean singing.

-We will be playing live again in late 2013 / early 2014 in support of this material.

-Stare at the sun for more info.”

I would definitely be staring at the sun, no question about it, except it’s raining buckets here in Seattle for the second straight day in a row. So I’ve been staring at a flashlight for the last 30 minutes. I’m not getting good reception from that thing, though I have started to tear up. Since it looks like winter has already begun here in the Emerald City, it may be next spring before I can get more info.

But the info I already have is pretty fuckin’ sweet. Congratulations to Artificial Brain!

You can find these alien spawn on Facebook here, and you can check out their previous material on Bandcamp via this link. Listen to potentially sanity-threatening music below.


  1. About time they got signed. I thought for sure that either Willowtip or Unique Leader would snatch them up. Hope they tour once that new album is out.

    • And I see now that it says right in the post that they will be doing live performances. Guess I was too excited about the new album and didn’t really catch that part.

  2. this is awesome news, something else to look forward to the beginning of next year!
    stay safe out there, MSNBC says you’re going to get up to 10 inches of rain by Monday!

    • Crap. I hadn’t seen that forecast yet. It’s been pouring like crazy the last two days, which is really rare out here.

      • funny, i’ve always heard that it rains all the time in the Seattle area. is that just another urban myth, like the one about Kansas being flat?

        • Just between you and me, that’s an exaggeration. The summers here are pretty spectacular, and we get clear sunny days (or parts of days) even in the wintertime. But it does rain a lot from about October into May or even June. It’s just usually a kind of drizzling light rain. What it’s been doing here since Friday is very unusual.

          • i see, that doesn’t sound too bad, really. i’ve always liked light rainy days. Kansas gets everything in extremes; blazing hot summers, arctic winters, huge thunderstorms, and the weather can do a 180 in a heartbeat. last February we had a sunny 80 degree day and then a foot of snow the day after, no joke.

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