Oct 172013

In this post we bring you two excellent new videos that premiered this morning.


The new video from Canada’s Kataklysm is for a new song — “Elevate” — that will appear on this veteran band’s latest album, Waiting For the End To Come. The song is somewhat surprising, in that it’s a bit of a departure from what might be considered the band’s typical style. It still thunders and howls, but as my colleague Andy Synn put it, it’s a lot more spacious and has a big central melody. There were even moments near the song’s end when I was thinking “melodic black metal”. I haven’t listened to the song more than twice yet, but so far it is solidifying my impression that Kataklysm are coming back strong and that Waiting could be one of their best albums in a long time.

The video itself is also excellent. Its jerky-jerky motion and dramatic atmosphere suit the music, and it’s really well-made and interesting to watch. Also, zombies.  You can’t go wrong with zombies.

The album can be ordered here.





Revocation’s new video is for “Fracked”, a song that appears on the band’s recently released self-titled album. Madeline Quinn directed it, and man, did she and her crew do a great job. The video is connected to the lyrical subject of the song, the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) used in the extraction of oil and gas from underground reservoirs, a practice that has been proven to cause a wide range of environmental damage, not to mention human illnesses.

“Fracked” is also one of the best songs on Revocation’s new album, so it’s cool that it was selected for this next official video. It premiered at Bloody Disgusting, but you can watch it below:




  1. I got to review the new Kataklysm for SDMETAL a week or two ago. It really is one of their most solid albums in a while. Just be wary of track 5 (I forget it’s name; I might be repressing it from my memory): That one song is a train wreck in the middle of a great album.

    Also, the freeze-frame that comes up for the Revocation video’s embed is fantastic, though it gave me a totally different idea of how the video was going to play out.

  2. i’m not sure which one i like more, they’re both awesome in completely different ways

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