Nov 012013

I’ve been distracted today, more than usual, by my fucking day job (the nerve of them expecting me to work for my pay!), but I didn’t want to let this Friday crawl to a close without one more post. I’ve seen and heard a handful of new things today that are worth spreading around, but time being short, I’ll limit this to two excellent items, and perhaps include the rest tomorrow.


The ultra-crushing, doom-dealing blood drinkers in Finland’s Hooded Menace appear to have been working on a follow-up to their gloriously heartless 2012 album Effigies of Evil. The new work will be released as a 12″ EP by Doomentia entitled Labyrinth of Carrion Breeze. The beautiful cover art (and by “beautiful” I mean loaded with fuckin skulls and ghouls) was unveiled on Halloween, and credit goes to Joshua Brettell (Ilsa’s drummer) and Adam Geyer for the creation (Brettell drew, Geyer did the gorgeous coloring). The front panel is above and the gatefold layout can be viewed after the jump (click for bigger views).

In addition to sharing the cover art, Hooded Menace has also made a part of a song called “Chasm of the Wraith” available for streaming. It’s low, slow . . . and actually beautiful, in a dreadful way.

Needless to say, I felt somewhat tortured and agonized in listening to the song, not only because the music is so bereft and bleak, but mainly because IT STOPS TOO DAMNED SOON!!!



Chicago’s Bones also have a new album coming. Entitled Sons of Sleaze, it was tracked with Sanford Parker and will be released later this month by Planet Metal. Today they put up a new track on YouTube named “Maggots”. Love the ugly, corrosive guitar tone on this horrid death metal monster! It’s so thick, murky, and radioactive that you’ll feel like showering after hearing the song, even though you know all your skin will come off and wash down the drain. I fuckin’ love the snare rolls in this song, too, and the scalding guitar solo, and the vocal disgorgement — and just all of it.

And as for the cover art, Matt “Putrid” Carr has outdone himself. Wonderful!


  1. the new Hooded Menace sounds awesome, but i’m particularly digging Bones. that is some seriously dense, gritty metal

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