Nov 012013

In the realm of metal, Halloween has become a big day for news and for the premiere of new music and videos. We had more than our average number of posts yesterday in an effort to keep up, but we still didn’t even come close. So to start this post-Halloween Friday, here are five new videos that premiered yesterday.

Because there’s so much to see and hear, I’ll be cutting back on my usual verbose introductions — literally — by largely eliminating the use of verbs. In the next post, we’ll present some new Halloween Day songs that debuted in non-video form.


The music: “In Blood — Devour This Sanctity”, a song inspired by “The Hungarian Dances” by Johannes Brahms. The album: Blood Magick Necromance (2011) (reviewed here). The video: filmed live at “Moskva Hall”, Moscow, October 6, 2013, plus assorted Belphegorian imagery.

Impressions: spine-tingling; heat lightning indoors; holy shit that drumming; satanic imperialism extends its reach; next album due May 2014, bring it!



The song: “Thou Begone”. The album: In the Minds of Evil (due on November 25). The video: a lyric video, the words another variation on the usual blasphemous Deicidal themes.

Impressions: galloping and drilling, back and forth; Steve Asheim is a machine; Glen Benton brings the bellows; first album with guitarist Kevin Quirion — either he or Jack Owen turn in some nice solos; no surprises, no regrets.



The song: “Women of Doom”. The EP: Ride the Snake (coming on December 10). The video: the women of Hammer Horror plus Elizabeth Taylor. Don’t ask why, just roll with it.

Impressions: going into the time warp again; those riffs; those wails; I want to laugh, but goddamnit this is going to get stuck in my head.



The song: “Infliction”. The album: Feast of Iniquity (released Oct 29, 2013 — streaming here). The video: cool animation; mannequin horror.

Impressions: NYDM to the max; blistering and battering; holy shit that drumming; holy shit those grooves; holy shit that breakdown. Holy shit!



The song: “Dream Again (Hellenbach)”. The album: Beg Upon the Light (2012) (2013 re-release by Napalm Records). The video: a montage of ultra-cool tour photos by Ray Traboulay.

Impressions: heavy as fuck; trippy as mushrooms; Grade A Prime beefy occult stoner doom; so fine, so fine. Venomous Maximus will take most of the current wave of throwback occult rock and beat its ass with a tire iron.  (Oops! I made a complete sentence!)


  1. All of these tracks are absolutely KILLER. Also, I’m happy someone else finally found Pyrexia; i got their record for my job a couple of weeks ago and the thing totally rips.

    I’m really psyched for that new Deicide now too, especially with the two awesome tracks that have debuted so far.

    I’ll have to look into Belphegor and Venomous Maximus more; I keep on meaning to do so, and these videos are reminding of my egregious offense.

  2. My only “complaint” here is that the audio on the Belphegor video seems to be off the CD and not live, if you want a better view of the drummer tearing it up:

    (not that this should warning should be necessary, but yeah NSFW)

    • Yeah, I had the same mental complaint about the video in the post. Thank you for the second one, which I’d never seen. That’s some A Grade satanic entertainment.

  3. devil horns and thumbs up for Belphegor, Deicide and Pyrexia! a great way to start my weekend 🙂

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