Nov 202013

One of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done at NCS was the “FINLAND TRIBUTE WEEK” series back at the end of 2010. It was completely unplanned, beginning on December 1 with a post about Amorphis and then continuing on a daily basis through this post on December 17, fueled by a flood of reader suggestions (most of which are collected here). I discovered so damn much great music across a wide spectrum of metal sub-genres (it was, for example, my first introduction to funeral doom) and learned a lot about the history of Finnish metal as well.

One of the great discoveries I made through that impromptu series was Demilich, a ground-breaking band whose first and last full-length album was 1993’s Nespithe. In my Finland Tribute Week post about Demilich, I provided a lot of info about the band and about Nespithe. I won’t repeat that here, but instead send you back to that post for an explanation about why the album — from its head-spinning music to its coded lyrics and album title — is so damned interesting.

Demilich’s Antti Boman has kept the Demilich flame burning by maintaining a web site for many years on which almost all of Demilich’s recorded output is available for free download (here). But now something else is coming that will send the flames higher, and its name is Demilich: 20th Adversary of Emptiness.

This will be a boxed set consisting of 3 LPs (and 2 CDs will be released as well) that capture everything Demilich recorded, including Nespithe and all of the band’s promos and demos, plus one new song that the band recorded during a brief reunion in 2006 (which isn’t available on Antti Boman’s web site). From what I can tell, the music has been re-mixed and re-mastered by Sami Jämsén (Studio Perkele, Survivors Zero). About that one new song, I read this statement by Jämsén: “A new song by Demilich that I’ve been mixing for what.. 7 years. Insane pattern changes, impossible scales, superlow tuning, the damn weirdest time signatures. Meshuggah meets Fantomas feeling all over.”

This new set will include a 44-page ‘zine as well as new artwork. A detail from Turkka G. Rantanen’s awesome artwork for the exterior of the box (a re-imagining of the Adversary from the original Nespithe cover) is at the top of this post; click that to make it bigger. Here’s David Mikkelsen’s cover art for the 2-LP gatefold inside the box; it will also be included as an A2/B2 poster:

And here’s another piece of LP art by Johnny Maddox:

This compilation box set will be released by Svart Records. Once it becomes available for order and I learn the release date, I’ll supplement this post.

And now, because we must always have music in our posts, here are a couple of tracks from Nespithe. The fact that this music dates to 1993 still blows my mind.


  1. Dude I must hear this new song, but I’ll be damned if I spend a shitload on a boxed set just for a single track!

  2. Ahh…my first comment ever was during that post. Good thing I came along to liven this place up a bit with my epic metalness 🙂

  3. God damn Demilich are god damn amazing. I hope this boxset isn’t too expensive. Usually it’s the shipping that kills it. That new song sounds really appetizing as well.

    • It looks like there will be a separate 2-CD release for this compilation, which should cut down the cost for people who aren’t up to the price of the vinyl.

      • Now a days I only buy vinyl, it’s just such a cool format. Especially for a collector’s item like this. I have Nasum’s Grind finale on 4x LP and its such such different experience compared to the CD version.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that Demilich are overrated?

  5. i guess i’m the only one here who’s hearing Demilich for the first time, today 🙂 but they sound amazing, i’m going to see if i can track down a copy of Nespithe

  6. such a great album!!!!!

  7. How the fuck is DEMILICH still promoting a 20-year-old album that has been re-released at least 4 times?
    Put out some new material or fuck-off.

  8. Damn, I was really hoping for a whole new album. ):

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