Dec 132013

You know that time when you thought it would be a good idea to hitch a ride on a moving freight train because you like the power of big fuckin’ trains and you thought it would be a fine rush and you ran alongside as fast as you could, your head filled with the roar of the wheels on the tracks, and you made the big leap, thinking you had a good hold, but were instead pulled under the train and had your spine crushed in a dozen places and your head severed at the neck and then your head bounced beneath the wheels of the tank car carrying ethanol which was next in line and your skull was just hard enough to cause the tank car to jump the rails and explode like the Hiroshima weapon, leveling acres of surrounding civilization and incinerating your remains into such a fine ash that it was immediately blown away by the windstorm caused by the conflagration, leaving not even enough for your loved ones to put in a funerary urn? You remember that?

Well, that’s sort of what “Burning” sounds like, “Burning” being the new song by Sweden’s Under the Church, which will appear on their forthcoming EP and is now available for download on Bandcamp.

I really loved the unholy chainsaw fest that this band delivered in their 2013 demo (reviewed here), and “Burning” gives me every reason to believe the new EP will be just as ripping. Check out the links below, and then listen to some more old school Swedish death done right.

  4 Responses to “UNDER THE CHURCH: “BURNING””

  1. Mmm… crunchy.

  2. this is absolutely awesome, and i love that artwork

  3. fucking loving this!!!!!

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