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(Just a few days ago we published Fork Tongue’s list of the year’s best demo’s, and now we bring you his list of the year’s best EP’s. More of his lists will be coming in the days ahead.)

I used to hate EP’s. My thought was always, “hey guys, just wait until you have enough material for a full length”, and that was that. I’ve softened on that over the last couple of years because I realized I was missing out on some good stuff. Case in point, 2013. If I hadn’t decided to separate EP’s from LP’s, a few of these would be candidates for my best album list.

1. BölzerAura

Seemingly everybody knows about Bölzer already, and rightfully so. If you ever wanted a Death Metal band to border on the dissonance of Deathspell Omega or Blut aus Nord, here you go. These guys are poised for big things whenever they decide to drop an LP. Now, go get lost in “Entranced By The Wolfshook”.


2. ArmourDeath Threat

Nuclear War Now isn’t known for releasing NWOBHM stuff, but they hit a home run here. Also not expected is to see a guy from Black Metal bands like Satanic Warmaster and The True Werewolf fronting a NWOBHM band, but he does it and does it well in a somewhat nontraditional way. Catchy stuff.



3. RangerKnights of Darkness

These guys landed on my best demo list also. Old school 80’s Speed Metal. As I said about the demo, it’s as if Exciter made a baby with Razor. If that appeals to you as much as it does to me, well then, you’ll enjoy this.



4. Eternal KhanPrimitive History

If Faustcoven cleaned up a bit and added the vocalist from Negative Plane, you would have Eternal Khan. This is Blackened Doom of the highest degree, and an LP is eagerly anticipated.



5. Black MagicianThe Pursuivant

Speaking of Doom, not many things floored me in 2013 quite like Black Magician’s 2012 opus, Nature Is The Devil’s Church. It somehow flew under my radar until I caught it this year and I suggest you go find it also. In the meantime, you can check out The Pursuivant from 2013. Doom of the highest caliber and oh, that tasty Hammond Organ.



Honorable mentions:

Bone SicknessAlone In The Grave




Ash BorerBloodlands


HorrifyingEuphoric Existence


Black Magick SSSymbols of Great Power


Happy listening! Comment below with your favorite EP’s!

  14 Responses to “FORK TONGUE’S TOP 5 EP’S OF 2013”

  1. I’ve listened to Aura some, and aside from the riffs and barks at the beginning of “Entranced by the Wolfshook”, it’s not really my thing. I want to like it, though.

    Black Magician sounds cool. Like Tom G. Warrior decided to do vocals for a doom band. The instrumentals are really nice and atmospheric as well.

    I thought that Ash Borer released something this year, and I checked this morning and it was so. Thought it was curious no one put them on their list.

  2. Bolzer steals the show. Death threat/No Heaven has a great Motorhead vibe (great find). good list fork tongue.

  3. Any list of the year’s best metal EPs must include Black Crown Initiate, in my humble estimation. That’s an AotY contender for me.

    Otherwise, solid list here.

  4. These are my runner ups…My top picks will be showing up in my “Best Of…” list

    Eternal Khan – Primitive History
    Ash Borer – Bloodlands
    Ensnared – Ravenous Damnation’s Dawn (Death:
    Fōr – Blakaz Askǭ Hertô (Black/death:
    Gravlund – Horns of Hallucigenic Creation (black:
    Malichor – Ancient Brew (Black/thrash:
    Maniac – Black Legion (Black/thrash:
    Scolex – Torn from Beyond (Death:
    Sheol- Sepulchral Ruins Below the Temple (Death:
    Vindorn – Hrana (Black:

  5. It seems funny to call the Ash Borer recording an EP when it’s nearly 35 minutes long–that would count as at least 40 full lengths in grind! But classification aside, I agree with the inclusion based on quality of content.

  6. Ahh, there’s Ranger. Outstanding. Bölzer is also great, of course, as is Bone Sickness. Didn’t know there was new Armour… I’ll have to track that down. And I will also have to see if I can get my hands on the Horrifying.

  7. I’m surprised nobody has commented on the horrible production on that Black Magick SS yet. It’ is terrible production but under the muck there’s some great, catchy song writing with maybe a dreaded Ghost comparison.

  8. Bloodlands is awesome!

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