Dec 242013

Not even two months ago, thanks to a Facebook post by our friend Vonlughlio, I learned about a new free compilation made available on Bandcamp by Australia-based Sinister Path Promotions — and yet Sinister Path has already delivered a second comp. As of yesterday, the new collection became available on Bandcamp. Like the first one, this latest offering is massive, with 42 songs by 42 metal bands. Highlights of this new release include the following (and here I’m paraphrasing from Sinister Path, with a final bullet of my own):

* Slasher (Thrash, Brasil) have included a single from their upcoming album Katharsis: “Overcome”

* Internal Bleeding (Slam pioneers from the US) have provided the track “Castigo Corpus Muem”, which is the first new recorded track with the original line up in close to 15 years

* 8 Foot Sativa (NZ metal legends) have contributed a new single, for which a lyric video was just released on YouTube: “The Shadow Masters”

* Mistur – (legends from Norway in the folk/viking/black vein) have provided “The Sight”, a single from a new album they’re working on

* Project Silence – (Industrial Metal band from Finland) have recently launched (Dec 13th) a 2-track release, and the comp includes one of those songs: “Death and Madness”

* Deformatory (Canadian Tech Death) have premiered a never-before-heard track via this compilation: “Dehumanized”

* Trollgasm (folk/viking/black from Australia) provided “Humppa Humppa” from their 2013 release

* Enrot (metal from California) provided a brand new release from their forthcoming album

* The Greatness Design (Mexican technical melodic death) provided a track from their 2013 release

* A Wake in Providence (deathcore from NY) provided a new single which has just been released as a lyric vid on YouTube

* The comp also includes songs by six other bands we’ve written about favorably here at NCS — Hypno5e, Old Corpse Road, The Ragnarok Prophecy, Accretion Disk, Naetu, and Synesis Absorption

Santa may bring you nothing this Christmas, or he may bring you something you would like to return to him, violently, but now you have the gift of metal for the holiday — the gift that keeps on giving.

We thank Sinister Path for all their hard work in making this comp a reality, and of course we thank all the bands for making our days (and nights) merry and bright.

The full stream of this release can be found below, and you can download the comp from Bandcamp — here.



  1. This is a great compilation. Loving a lot of bands in it

  2. what an awesome collection, so many great bands!

  3. Some great stuff on here! Lovin 8 Foots new release

  4. Killer compilation!

    Deformatory and Entrails Eradicated are the best finds. Love learning about new talent!

  5. Nice, lot of great bands!


    Best fucking band ever.

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