Jan 202014

Last June we were delighted to report that The Haunted’s founder Patrik Jensen had succeeded in breathing new life into the band by convincing two former members — vocalist Marco Aro (The ResistanceFace Down) and drummer extraordinaire Adrian Erlandsson (At the GatesParadise Lost) — to come back to the fold along with original bassist Jonas Björler, and by recruiting young guitar wizard Ola Englund (FearedSix Feet Under) to join the  line-up. They have recorded a new three-song “single” entitled Eye of the Storm, which will be released by Century Media on January 21, and today they premiered the title track.

Jabbing riffs and swirling lead guitar arpeggios erupt over a deep, grumbling bass line and an immaculate drum track. A beautiful but all too brief guitar solo flies by, and Marco Aro howls the  lyrics in fine, caustic fashion. Feel free to debate whether the band have recaptured their past greatness, but at a minimum, this is a catchy, head-bobbing number that’s got me smiling. Listen after the jump.


Eye of the Storm can be pre-ordered here and on iTunes. The Haunted are working on a new studio album, which is expected for a Summer 2014 release.




  1. i really, really like this! can’t wait to hear more!

  2. Never been a Haunted fan, but this isn’t too bad.

  3. It’s… alright.

  4. If I were to compare this to a food item, it’d definitely be a nice, tasty, crispy chicken sandwich, replete with fresh iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing. Not the heaviest thing, but still packs a punch; not the most avant-garde or original, but still plenty satisfying.

    • To expand on your analogy; to me this was a big Mac, reliable but ultimately forgettable. Whereas for example The dead eye was a Heston Blumenthal-dish.

  5. What always was the icing on the cake for me concerning the Haunted was Peter Dolving; his unorthodox vocal style and lyrics made the Haunted something truly unique, with RevolveR, The Dead Eye and Versus being among my favorite albums all time.

    The song sounds really interesting and I’d be more than glad to check a new album out once it launches, but to me this doesn’t really sound like the Haunted I personally was a big fan of. Nevertheless, the current line-up of the Haunted is quite the talented bunch so undoubtedly they’ll deliver something else awesome.

  6. I think Infiltrator and My Enemy (the other two tracks on this single) are way more the type of The Haunted that I’m looking for. Especially My Enemy. If they wanted to do a whole CD of that, I’d be happy as hell. Eye of the storm is the type of Haunted I’ve never enjoyed that much.

  7. Ola’s pouting lips… EPIC.

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