Mar 192014

Ever-evolving black metal purveyors Abigail Williams have announced new North American tour dates for May-June, and NO CLEAN SINGING is proud to sponsor this special run of new performances. Joining AW for this rampage will be two extreme black/death bands, Willowtip recording artists Lecherous Nocturne from South Carolina and Toronto-based Panzerfaust.

Long-time readers of our site will be quite familiar with Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne because we’ve written about them repeatedly, and both bands put on killer live shows. Panzerfaust may be a new name around these parts, but they’re a band whose music is also well worth getting to know.

The tour is scheduled to begin on May 15 in Wisconsin and to conclude on June 14 in Illinois. Abigail Williams’ main man Sorceron told us he’s excited to be hitting the road again with the band’s long-time brothers in Lecherous Nocturne, “and getting out there to show people some new songs.”

Speaking of new songs, Sorceron plans to enter the studio in advance of this tour to record a new AW album that should see release by Candlelight Records this coming August or September, and this tour will give fans a chance to hear some of the new tracks live. (I had the chance to hear the band perform a couple of them in Seattle not long ago, and they’re outstanding.)

Joining Sorceron in the ranks of Abigail Williams for this tour will again be the veteran line-up of guitarist Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Wolvhammer); bassist John Porada (Terminate), and drummer Charlie Fell (Lord Mantis).

Now here’s a bigger version of the tour flyer with all the dates and places that have been lined up so far (this is an updated schedule and is current as of April 25):




  1. Dammit. Probably not gonna get a San Diego date.

  2. Very cool. I have to ask, though, what does it mean for NCS to sponsor a tour? You don’t make any money from advertising, so, it raises that obvious question. I always thought that sponsoring a tour meant that you were fronting some kind of money for it, but I could have misunderstood.

  3. Ah! Two dates within decent driving range.

  4. Dat Gustave Dore drawing sure does get around the metalsphere.

  5. They’re coming to Kentucky. Praise Satan. I am there.

  6. Wow, I wasn’t expecting them to come back around this quickly. That York, PA show is doable.

  7. awesome!! and even a stop in KC! nice! 🙂

  8. Haven’t heard much Abigail Williams or any Panzerfaust, but Lecherous Nocturne is rad. That would be cool if my band could open the show in SLC! Either way i’m stoked

  9. Opening for them on the Buffalo, NY date. Didn’t realize NCS was involved, even more exited to be a part of it now! Awesome lineup.

  10. I saw AW and LN when they came through Indianapolis a few years ago. They both put on excellent shows. Good guys, too. Ken Sorceron was even nice enough to do a promo for my radio show.

    Any change they could head a few more miles east for those “TBA” shows in June?

    • I was really hoping to talk to Ken after the recent show in Reading, PA, but everyone from the band that wasn’t Jesse Beahler just bolted after the set was over. As much as I absolutely love Becoming, I still have a serious issue with the (I won’t go so far as to use the “p” word) “uncanny resemblance” between “Beyond the Veil” and Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s “The Dead Flag Blues (Intro).” I called him out on this once via FB, and he dismissed it as a subliminal influence from listening to GY!BE while touring. I still think GY!BE deserves a writing credit for the song.

  11. And speaking of Indianapolis… the almighty COFFINWORM just released their new album. Holy fucking shit it is an absolute monster.

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