Mar 272014

Following up on their self-titled 2012 EP, Baltimore’s Barbelith are poised for the release of an untitled two-song 7″ EP by Fragile Branch Recordings. One of the songs (“Caverns of the Mind”) has previously debuted and today we premiere the second track, “Rebirth”.

Barbelith’s dark, genre-bending music as displayed on this new release melds together eerie ambience, black metal vehemence, raw hardcore rage, and shimmering guitar melodies that cross into post-rock territory. The resulting music is bleak and depressive, but quite riveting — and “Rebirth” is a fine summing up of the band’s unusual blend of styles.

The otherworldly, distorted ambience of the song’s introduction gives way to a driving, tumbling drum line and tremulous chords pierced by ethereal guitar notes — and then the dam bursts before a wave front of roaring fretwork, blasting drums, and inflamed vocals that bespeak wretchedness and horror. The force of the onslaught subsides briefly before the storm resumes, as the music moves into a full-on gallop that will get your blood racing.

The song is sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes mesmerizing, but charged with passion despite its morose atmosphere. This is a band to keep an eye on for the future.

The new 7″ is projected for release on April 15, with a total of 500 copies, 25 of which will be offered on mixed-color vinyl. The release features the very cool front and back cover art you see in this post, which was executed by William Jarboe III. It can be pre-ordered here (pre-orders will automatically qualify for the giveaway of a test pressing as well).

And in other Barbelith news, the band are now recording an upcoming full-length. For a taste of that, go here.

Now, listen to “Rebirth”, and below that you can also stream the previously released Side A track — “Caverns of the Mind”.



  1. Damn, this is gnar. I’ll definitely have to check this out once it comes out. Loving all the premiers lately by the way!

  2. That is some unexpected genre-bending indeed, and it comes off so seamlessly.

  3. nice, really gorgeous stuff. and great artwork, too

  4. Very wicked music! I have to get some of their music.. Awesome

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