Mar 312014

Here are a handful of new songs and videos I found this morning that I thought were worth passing along.


I got interested in this new two-man black metal band because the vocalist and drummer is Phlegeton from the excellent Spanish metal band Wormed. His partner, who plays guitar, bass, and piano, goes by the initials DP and is a member of The YTriple Corporation and Neverdie. Their second album, Pessimistic Outcomes, is coming out in April.

In January I featured a Wrong video for a song from their first album, and what I found today is a just-released video for the new album’s title track. The song is slow-moving and depressive, with squalling tremolo guitars and methodically pummeling percussion that moves between rock beats and rolling thunder. Incorporated within this bleak, atmospheric music are two contrast points — ugly, distorted, bile-spewing vocals and eerie, ethereal piano notes.

It’s chilling, memorable music, and the grainy, unsteady, black-and-white video does nothing to lighten the oppressive mood. I really like the song.

Pessimistic Outcomes is due to be released on April 22nd via Xtreem Music, and can be pre-ordered on Bandcamp, where this song is also streaming. Wrong’s Facebook page is here:






Witchthroat Serpent are a French trio consisting of Fredrik Bolzann (aka Kobal of avant-garde black metal act Darvulia), Lo Klav (Artemisia Absinthium), and Niko Lass (Sektarism, Habsyll, Malhkebre). Their self-titled debut album will be released on April 30 by Deadlight Entertainment. Two of the album’s songs are streaming on Bandcamp (and the album is available for pre-order there, too).

The two songs are “Serpenta Ritual” and “The Next Black Moon”. The music is a braiding of ropey, sludge-heavy riffs, keening wails, and psychoactive soloing (both guitar and bass). It’s heavy as a lead-lined coffin and it got my head bobbing. Listen below:






To wrap up this small round-up, I have a video for you. The music is more grungy hard-rock than metal, though there’s some beef in the chugging riffs and the tune is a catchy one. However, it’s the video that’s the main draw.

The band’s name is Soul Thrower and they’re from Estonia. The song is called “Skeleton Dance” and it’s the first single from their 2014 album The Beginning of Dark Nights. The video is loaded with neon skeletons, some of which are animated and some of which are real people who have been ingeniously made up to resemble skeletons, including a naked lady.

Let’s have a round of applause for producer Indrek Kasesalu, skeleton dancer Karmen Mets, and make-up artists Sten Savi, Triin Abiline, Simona Tätte, and Kerli Tamm.



  1. i really like the Wrong track, very cool and i dig the video too

  2. WORMED! I hear they lost their drummer recently, so it’ll probably be ten years till another album from them, heh. Might as well look at Phleg’s related projects in the meantime, huh?

  3. I really dig the Wrong track. I’m looking forward to a dark, grotesque playlist with this, the upcoming Terra Tenebrosa album, and maybe Emptiness’ Error. Thanks for turning me onto it.

  4. Soul Thrower sounds like ASG. good

  5. Soul Thrower reminds me of Alice In Chains in pretty much every sonic facet, down to the singer’s mean Layne Staley impression. Which is totally fine with me.

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