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My close friends and family members will tell you that I’m one of the most gullible people you could ever encounter. I prefer to think of it as an innately trusting nature, but my history of being duped is so long and rich that I can’t really quarrel with their judgment. Even on April 1, when I try to be on guard, I still get suckered like a carnival rube.

There were lots of metal-oriented pranks yesterday that were funny even though they were obvious — such as the 50 reviews that suddenly materialized on Metal-Archives for the ingeniously named Penis Metal by Hades Archer. At least I think that was a prank. Sometimes gullibility can work in reverse.

One prank I fell for, hook, line, and sinker, appears at the top of this post. I have such a hard-on for Oak Pantheon and Amiensus, and their 2013 split Gathering, that I took one look at that flyer — and the appearance of a Seattle date — and started marking my calendar and exclaiming enthusiastically about it on Facebook. I didn’t dwell on the logistical difficulty of a tour that would start on the US East Coast, jump to a bunch of European capitols, and then pick up on the US West Coast, all within the space of a month. I also completely missed the two tiny words in the lower right-hand corner of the flyer.

I have learned that although these bands make sublime music, they are cruel, cruel people.


Another prank I enjoyed yesterday was of the more obvious variety. The architect of this one was the extravagantly talented one-man Australian band known as Aquilus, whose sole album Griseus (2011) should be on everyone’s “must listen” list (it’s on Bandcamp). The following notice appeared on the Aquilus Facebook page:

Finally, the new Aquilus album, entitled “The Dark Mountains Are Scary” will be released by Road Runner Records on the 18th of May.
For 12 hours only, the 5th track on the album “The Moonlight Burns My Dragon’s Skin” will be available for listening here:


Okay, so it was pretty obvious, even to me, from the comical album and song titles (and the reference to Road Runner records) that this wasn’t real. But of course I was still very curious about the music to be found via that link. And even though it’s nothing like Griseus, it’s actually a lot of bluesy fun (as well as funny).




Did you see any good April Fool’s stuff yesterday?  I mean other than my own post about Meshuggah’s expanded North American tour?  Because of course that one was just roll-on-the-floor hilarious.



  13 Responses to “APRIL FOOLS”

  1. Best one of the day for me was the Mayhem one, where you were Benny Hilled. Dam can’t find the video on youtube

  2. I saw both of those in my facebook feed, and fell for both. I started listening to the Aquilus song, wonder what-the-fuck, and then I realized what the date was.

  3. as someone also living in one of those cities, the amiensus/oak pantheon joke was especially cruel.

  4. This year I was completely unimpressed by all the April Fools shenanigans. I think they’ve gone beyond a critical mass. The only one I found kind of funny was a fantasy/sci-fi interest page on Facebook put up “breaking news”: a photo of George R.R. Martin with “1948-2014” under it.

    Instead of doing a prank myself this year, I found it a good day to make a confession that looks like an April Fools joke but isn’t. I . . . am complicated.

    • You are indeed a person of many … interests … Thanks for sharing.

    • You’re not alone. I feel the exact same way, man. I would never self-identify as a “brony”, too much baggage with that. I don’t feel compelled to anyway. But am I afraid to admit that I watch the show about as regularly as I do many other great cartoons? (Adventure Time, Bravest Warriors, Gumball, and Spongebob to name a few) Hell no! It’s an excellent show. It’s enjoyable and fun to watch and is just plain good entertainment.

      Besides, with musical numbers like these that rival Disney? Can’t go wrong.


    • While I didn’t see that I did happen to read an interview with GRR (from mid march so don’t think this is a joke) where he now says he “hopes” to be done in seven books .. come on man you are getting up there in years and don’t look to be in the fittest of shape, just get it done.

  5. honestly the Meshuggah post was one of the funnier ones i saw 🙂

  6. I’ll admit it: I didn’t even know the Meshuggah post was a joke ’til now.

  7. I made a review of a new Emperor record with the title Hoc Est A Iocum, claiming that the band and the media had kept the lid on it until the release. To bad it’s only in norwegian (http://misje.org/gorger/2014-04.htm#01).
    I wish I could meassure the pulse of the few deceived suckers I managed to fool.

    The Mayhem-prank had me fooled. Nobody is safe on april 1st.

  8. For April Fools, I wrote a post on my blog which said that I was quitting the metal reviewing scene forever. To my surprise, quite a few people took that stupid joke post seriously.

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