Apr 252014

Earlier this month Andy Synn reviewed the stunning new album by Germany’s Infestus for us (here). In his concluding paragraph, he wrote:

“The beautiful, unforgettable cover art embodies the album so well – this is music from the darkest depths of the human mind, a black, malignant tumour of pain and anguish which spreads its tendrils widely to encompass a host of dark emotions and warped musical influences, creating a truly immersive, unforgettable experience.”

Today we’re pleased to bring you a full album stream of The Reflecting Void, which has just become available via Debemur Morti for both listening and download on Bandcamp. In addition, the album can also now be ordered on CD at this locationΒ or on 12″ gatefold vinyl at this one.

In our reviews we do our best to give a sense of the music through words, but especially in the case of an album as multifaceted and unconventional, as chilling and as bleakly beautiful as The Reflecting Void, you really must hear it for yourself — and now you can. Listen below.




  1. I have already been listening to this one for a good while. A really excellent album indeed!

  2. Wonderful from start to end, thank you “No Clean Singing”.


    Wait, that “squee” part wasn’t very metal, was it?

  4. Sometimes I wish I could pause the universe and listen to and become familiar with all the great, classic albums of decades past. Seriously, I’ve been a pretty devout metal listener for about seven years now, and I still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of the history of this great genre. I mean, I just listened to The Somberlain last week for the first time. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to Spiritual Healing all the way through, even though Human through The Sound of Perseverance are 4 of my all-time favorite albums.

    And on top of that, every single month there’s new albums being released by talented folks. Bands who have taken up the rich musical palate that over four decades of musicians have helped to create, whip up a few of their own colors, and add their contribution to the vast metal tapestry. Case in point: Infestus. Here I am, still trying to work my way through Darkthrone’s incredible back catalog, and these guys have the audacity to put out an album just begging to be listened to. Don’t they know I already have enough albums on my list?

    This is why I just laugh anytime I hear someone say, “There’s just no good music being made anymore these days.” Please.

    tl;dr I love metal

  5. this is excellent, what a killer listen πŸ™‚

  6. Words run short. Again. Thanks NCS for this update on this awe-inspiring band. Last time I was so impressed was with Ne Obliviscaris. That must mean something.

  7. Outstanding album. Intense as all hell!

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