Apr 252014

Happy goddamned Friday to one and all. I have a few randomly selected items to share with you, as a way of greasing the skids for your slide into the weekend. Because I wouldn’t want anyone to get ass burn before the fun starts.


Let’s begin with a jet-fueled death/thrash romp.

Late last month I included some release info about the debut album (Consumed) by the UK’s Seprevation in one of these round-ups, despite the fact that I had no music from the album to share with you at that point. I mainly just liked the album cover. But today the band released an official video for a song named “Slave To the Grave”, and guess what? The music is as good as that album cover.

“Insectile” is the word that leaped to mind as the music raced through my mind. The riffs swarm like a bee hive that’s been set on fire, and they sound like a bee swarm, too. Also, the flying fingers on the frets look like highly agitated spiders. But apart from all the fleet-fingered racing, the song is impressive for lots of other reasons, even when the tempo slows a bit to make way for a grim melodic interlude.

The video is a kick to watch, too. It was recorded and edited by Doug Anderson of Visceral Video. The album comes out on May 10 and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp.








Thanks to a message from The Curmudgeonly Guy Down the Hall, I learned that Earache Records is releasing Woods II: Pursuit of the Sun & Allure of the Earth in physical format. The album was originally released back in 2004 on the band’s own Krankenhaus Records, and hasn’t been available physically since then. Earache will be bringing it out on CD and vinyl on June 23, and copies went up for pre-sale today at these locations:

EU: http://webstore.earache.com/woods-of-ypres
US: http://uswebstore.earache.com/woods-of-ypres



Very late to this news, but I did see yesterday that the organizers of SUMMER SLAUGHTER 2014 have announced the line-up for this year’s tour, and I’m pretty happy with what I see. You can see the names above. The dates and places haven’t been released yet. When we get them, we’ll post them.




This is a photo of the Giant Strong-nosed Stink Bug (Alcaeorrhynchus grandis) taken by Jana Miller. I’m just seeing if you’re still paying attention.




Well, I began with a video, so I’m going to end with one. It’s an official video for a track named “Interitance (The Changeling)” from the 2012 album by North Carolina’s Horseback named Half Blood.

I don’t have a succinct way of describing Half Blood, or Horseback for that matter, so I won’t bother trying. Even this one song is a tough nut to crack — it’s a combination of strange sounds, swelling celestial synths, and ultimately a simple entrancing melody. But the main reason I’m featuring the video is not because of the music, but because of the visuals — or perhaps more accurately, because of how the music inspired filmmaker Daniel Davison. I think this is quite amazing to watch.

(Be aware that the video doesn’t use the full length of the recorded track, and so I’m including it — as well as the rest of the album — in a Bandcamp player after the video).






  1. They also announced the running order for MDF today…Im a little pissed at about a couple of the bands I wanted to see overlapping.. Saturday especially is a clusterfuck with Unleashed and Dark Angel overlapping War Master, Bolzer and Hooded Menace.

    • Well Bolzer should have a pretty short set, seeing as they have like 6 songs total.

      • Bolzer’s set is actually 40 minutes, which is pretty standard for the fest..War Master is the short one with only 25 minutes.

        I actually dont care about Dark Angel..Im actually happy theyre overlapping because that means less people will be at the Bolzer set..Im just pissed I have to choose between War Master and Unleashed

  2. Summer Slaughter looks pretty cool! I’m looking forward to Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus,and Fallujah mostly. I’d never listened to Fallujah before, but they are pretty cool.

    The Faceless, Origin, and Goatwhore are alright; I saw Origin with Gorguts and they were pretty boring tbh.

    Probably going to just drink during TAIM, Decrepit Birth, and WTR to be honest. Decrepti Birth really never held my attention.

  3. God bless Earache Records for bringing classic Woods material back from the grave. \w/

  4. Gabe of Kennedy Veil/Alterbeast is filling in on drums for Decrepit Birth for this run, which means you can go watch him make sitting behind a kit really, really easy if anything else.

  5. That Seprevation track rips.

  6. The Summer Slaughter lineup sounds pretty damn good, too bad it almost certainly won’t pass through here

  7. Wooooooooods! I have a happy Now!

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