Apr 302014

Periodically the London-based Candlelight Records releases a sampler of music from the label’s artists, and within the last day or two they did it again. This new compilation is named Legion III and it includes 27 tracks by a long list of bands with a wide variety of musical styles. I’m familiar with most (though not all) of the bands, and the ones I know of are very good.

I usually mention new comps on this site when they’re free — and of course when they include music by bands I like. In this case, the comp costs $4.99 (or £2.99), but I thought the array of music was so good that it was worth spreading the word anyway. Also, that’s a pretty cheap price for the quality of music included here. Speaking of which, this isn’t simply a repackaging of previously released tracks — it also includes live cuts and demos that until now haven’t been made available for purchase.

Rather than try to pick out a few names to highlight what’s to be found on the sampler, I’ll just post the entire list:

Coldwar: “Heart Of Darkness”
October File: “Where The Clouds Meet The Horizon”
Armed For Apocalypse: “Signals Of Life” Unreleased Track – UK ONLY
Pet Slimmers Of The Year: “Days Since I Disappeared”
Demonic Resurrection: “Death, Desolation and Despair” Demo
Abaddon Incarnate: “Fear”
Omnium Gatherum: “Nail” Live
Shrapnel: “The Watchers”
Chasma: “Cathedral of Luminaries”
Krieg: “Order of the Solitary Road” 2014 Demo
Corrosion Of Conformity: “Trucker”
Cold In Berlin: “Natural Order” Demo
Falloch: “Tòrradh” Instrumental Demo
Sigh: “Out of the Grave” Demo
Shores Of Null: “Kings of Null”
Ancient Ascendant: “To Break the Binds”
The Wounded Kings: “Gnosis”
Hopeless Youth: “Ghost”
Earth Crisis: “De-Desensitize”
Vampillia: “DYH” Unreleased Track
The Meads Of Asphodel: “Warfare” (Warfare Cover)
Sigiriya: “Tribe of the Old Oak”
Ashes: “Stone Spiral” UK ONLY
Coltsblood: “Grievous Molestation”
Nonexistence: “Eternal” (Paradise Lost Cover)
Throne Of Katarsis: “Det Iskalde Mørket” 2006 Demo
Zatokrev: “The Phantom” Demo
Saturnian Mist: “The Heart of Shiva – Demonstrations MMXIII” Demo
Xerath: “Sentinels”
Orange Goblin: “The Ballad Of Solomon Eagle”

The sampler is available on iTunes and Amazon MP3, and it’s on these Bandcamp pages, too:


Here’s the music:



  1. awesome!! that Shrapnel track is absolutely killer! 🙂

  2. xerath!!!!! Amazing!!!!

  3. Is that xerath track off III?? Its fucking crushing.

  4. Nice to hear something new from Demonic resurrection!

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