May 132014

This is turning into a monster of a day for new song and album streams. Not long ago we posted about the full-album stream from Misery Index, and just since then I spotted four more song and album streams that are worth your attention. Here we go:


Origin have now premiered a new song entitled “Manifest Desolate”, the first advance track from their forthcoming sixth album, Omnipresent. The album is due for release on July 4 in Europe by Agonia Records and June 8 in North America via Nuclear Blast. Pre-order here.

“Manifest Desolate” comes in the form of a video that displays the many formats in which the album will be released. The song itself is a blistering explosion of tech-death fireworks, kind of like jamming your face into a fistful of Roman candles. But my favorite part of the song actually comes when the band down-shift the tempo. Listen next…







If you follow our site, you know how enthusiastic we are about Vallenfyre’s new album Splinters. Now you can hear the whole album for yourselves. It’s an exclusive stream, so you’ll need to go here to do that:





Montreal’s Kataklysm have debuted a music video for their cover of “The American Way” by Sacred Reich, which appeared on the band’s 2013 album Waiing For the End To Come. The video was filmed by director Tommy Jones during the band’s recent North American tour with Aborted.

The song was the first cover track  Kataklysm ever recorded, so you know they were high on the music. Here’s the video:






Last month we had the great pleasure of premiering two tracks in combined form for the new Blood Music album Timelessness by a brilliant band from Belarus named Serdce. Today, Heavy Blog Is Heavy premiered another song entitled “Unique Path”.

I’m really high on this album, and this song — like the album as a whole — is really worth hearing. Go here to do that:

If you like what you hear, limited copies of the album are still available for pre-order at Blood Music.


  1. New Origin sounds cool.

  2. New Origin’s is far too away of the technicality shown in Antithesis and Entity. Still good, but not the same.

    • ^ This. I’m underwhelmed, not to say disappointed. Let us hope the rest of the album brings more guitar and less blastbeat.

  3. Someone mentioned that the new Origin is a concept album about the video game series MASS EFFECT. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Fan of the video game, but not of the band. And the press release doesn’t say MASS EFFECT, but lots of the same themes and verbage about the game is used 🙂

  4. New Vallenfyre is positively VICIOUS. Digging Serdce too.

  5. I’ve already heard the new Vallenfyre a couple of times since yesterday, and it absolutely fucking slays. Best ‘one man side project’ ever!

  6. Origin never disappoints, they’re always amazing!

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