May 142014

As you know if you were following our site, yesterday brought such a great flood of new song, video, and album premieres that it was hard to keep up — in my case, like trying to keep up  with Usain Bolt over 100 meters (even if he were wearing flip-flops). In fact, I couldn’t keep up. By noon I had spotted three more new things worth featuring (and one that’s a few days old), but instead had to stop blogging and start doing what I’m paid to do. So, later than I would like, here’s that foursome.


Prosthetic Records will be releasing a new album from this vicious East Coast band on June 10. Its name is Blissfucker, and how could you forget that name? One song has previously appeared for streaming and yesterday brought another (via Lambgoat), by the name of “Organic Infernal”. It begins like an alien ant swarm, and then the ants start rocking hard (while continuing to devour whatever writhing creature is caught in their mandibles). Vicious, and memorable.

Blissfucker can be pre-ordered via Prosthetic Records or iTunes. If you missed “Salted Crypts”, which premiered last month, I’m including that below as well. But first, “Organic Infernal”…








Andy Synn has already reviewed Regicide for us (here). In his words, it “packs in the same wealth of punishing riffage, bloody hooks, and concentrated venom that’s been their stock in trade for years now, rejecting any pressure to change or develop beyond their obsession with sheer sonic evisceration”. Yesterday the band premiered an official video for the opening track on Regicide, “Reforging the Crowns”.

The song, as you may know, is scorching. As you might expect if you are familiar with HoP or the inspiration for the album, the video seems to be a portrayal of what the band would like to do to the organized church. Watch below.

Regicide was released by Prosthetic on May 13.







As of yesterday, Down released another EP in what is taking shape as a continuing series of short releases. The new one is named Down IV, Part II, and it includes six songs. Frontman Phil Anselmo says this EP was intended to have “a very metal vibe”, with influences drawn from both Black Sabbath and Witchfinder General, a band Anselmo “grew up adoring in the early 80s”.

Also yesterday, Down released an official music video for one of the new songs, “We Knew Him Well”. That song is a heavy motherfucker, with an elephant-sized riff at its core that’s very headbangable. For a band-performance video, I think this one is also very well done. Get stomped below.







Mercenary’s latest album is Through Our Darkest Days, and DGR reviewed it for us last year.  Two days again the band unveiled an official video for a song from the album named “Welcome The Sickness”. It’s one of the catchiest numbers on the album, with a very hooky melodic chorus to go along with a high-voltage, jolting gallop.

The high-end video, directed and produced by Mircea Gabriel Eftemie, delivers a lot to see, and a lot of effort obviously went into it (the credits at the end take about a minute and a half toy get through).




  1. Oh my! This Hour of Penance! I’d never listened to these guys before.
    This song is indeed SCORCHING!! Love the flurry of drums. Wonderfully cathartic and neck breakingly brutal.

    As a huge fan of the last Trap Them, I’ll say, Im not too impressed with the new stuff.
    Love the cover though.

  2. I love Trap Them’s album title. Kinda seems like a play on Sunbather.

    With regards to that Down track: DOSE RIFFS.

  3. i love what Down is doing with the EPs, it’s some of the best stuff they’ve ever done

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