May 222014

Deathkings are from Los Angeles but you wouldn’t know it to hear their music. Surf, sunshine, and palm trees don’t enter into it. The local landmark that probably best suits the music’s atmosphere are the tar pits at La Brea.

Deathkings recorded their debut album Destroyer in 2011. It originally consisted of three long tracks, each song in the 10-15 minute range. The album has now been re-mastered for a vinyl release by LA-based Midnite Collective, with those three tracks converted into four. Today we’re premiering “Martyrs (Vol. I)”, which was originally part of one of the original long tracks that has now been divided.

The riffs in the song are thick, fuzz-bombed, tarry beasts that generate the kind of resonance you feel in your guts. They pound, hammer, and writhe in a mid-paced rhythm, and together with the crushing drum beats, they’ll make your head move. Vocalist Nicholas Rocha sounds like he’s in the throes of genuine agony, driving home the bleak, blasted atmosphere of this strangely seductive music.



The reissue of Destroyer will be limited to 250 pressings on 180 gram black vinyl and will come with an insert and download card for digital files of the songs. Pre-order at Shipping is expected to begin on June 24.

Deathkings are at work on a new album, and can be followed on Facebook via this link:

Now, listen to “Martyrs (Vol. I)”:



  1. The vocals sound too strained for me, but that’s some cool riffage. Kind of Rwake like.

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