May 222014

Last month we reported the announcement by Debemur Morti Records that on June 20 (June 24 in North America) the label would be releasing a split by Blut Aus Nord and P.H.O.B.O.S. entitled Triunity, featuring artwork by Polish artist Katarzyna Urbanek (you can see one of the two paintings above). Today, we bring you one song by each of these French bands from the forthcoming split.

The offering we have for you by Blut Aus Nord is “De Librio Arbitrio”. As we have come to expect from this band, the music has an otherworldly quality, a dissonant, dimension-piercing ambience that surrounds some truly gargantuan riffs and bone-jarring percussion. The song is heavy as hell and rhythmically compulsive, while at the same time ringing with the reverberations of cosmic melody and clawing with the strangling sound of barbed-wire vocals. Fantastic.

The song by P.H.O.B.O.S. is “Ahrimanic Impulse Victory”. It is at least a match for the BAN track in terms of stone-smashing heaviness, driven by booming beats and crushing bass-level tones. And it also creates an alien ambience, the music shrouded in a haze of distortion and swimming with eerie melodies. A multitude of voices and vocal styles, both haunting and ugly, add to the cold, mystical quality of the song. It’s black, industrial-styled metal that’s hypnotic, disorienting, and ultimately quite menacing.

Both of these songs are excellent, and they make great complements to each other as well. It’s going to be worth the wait to hear all of the songs from start to finish and become fully immersed in this split.

Triunity will be released on digipack CD, on 12″ gatefold vinyl, and as a digital download. It can be pre-ordered here. The track list is as follows:


1. De Librio Arbitrio
2. Hùbris
3. Némeïnn


4. Glowing Phosphoros
5. Transfixed At Golgotha
6. Ahrimanic Impulse Victory

More info is available here:





  1. the Blut Aus Nord track is beautiful

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