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Boston’s Fórn hit our radar screen about a week ago when Invisible Oranges premiered “Dweller on the Threshold”, the first advance track from the band’s forthcoming new EP, The Departure of Consciousness. I’m still trying to recover from that obliterating experience; the recovery has taken longer than originally predicted because just when I feel about ready to get out of bed, I go back and listen to the song again. I’m going to be bed-ridden for a lot longer, because I’ve also been listening to a second song from the EP, which we have the good fortune of sharing with you today in this premiere.

The song you’re about to hear is “Suffering In the Eternal Void”. Chiming like bells, the slow, melancholy melody at the song’s beginning catches hold very quickly. Five or six minutes of that could prove to be thoroughly hypnotizing. But just as the music has succeeded in gently pulling you into its embrace, it then  tightens its grip and drags you bodily into a pit of deep, suffocating doom. That seductive melody becomes a crushingly heavy dirge, though no less seductive — this misery is mesmerizing. And the vocals, they sound like sulphuric acid eating through steel, or like some shrieking poltergeist that has become your companion for this slow fall into the void.

Yet another powerhouse song from a band whose name deserves to be spread like a plague.



In addition to listening to “Suffering In the Eternal Void”, be sure to check out “Dweller on the Threshold” — together, they make a hell of a bruising one-two punch. It’s streaming at this location:


The Departure of Consciousness will be released by Vendetta Records on July 15. Fórn has a Facebook page here and a Bandcamp page here; digital downloads will be available at the Bandcamp page. And if you can, catch Fórn in the flesh at one of these dates:

July 7th – Worcester, MA @ Firehouse, Worcester, MA w/ Thou (Baton Rouge), The Body (Portland), Rozamov
August 9th – LA @ The Complex (no Usnea) w/ Bloodmoon
August 10th – SF @ The Sutro Baths Cave (no Usnea) w/ Akatharsia, Bädr Vogu
August 11th – Eugene, OR @ Tiny’s Tavern (no Usnea)
August 12th – Seattle @ The Highline w/ Usnea
August 13th – Portland @ Slabtown w/ Usnea
August 14th – Chico, CA @ Cafe Coda w/ Usnea, Funerary & Amarok
August 15th & 16th – Oakland Deadfest @ The Metro (both Fórn and Usnea play Saturday the 16th)
August 17th – Santa Cruz @ The Witch House w/ Usnea, Augurs, Abstractor

And now here’s our premiere of “Suffering In the Eternal Void”. Below the studio track, I’m also including a video (filmed by Freddie Ross) of Fórn performing the song live on June 29 at Dusk in Providence, R.I.






  1. Loving both tracks I’ve heard from these lads.

  2. wow, that’s an awesome song

  3. Love this stuff. Man, I hope this is buyable on Bandcamp. Their German label’s janky WordPress page is making me nervous about the possibility of actually getting this.

    • The band says yes — digital downloads will go up on Bandcamp, and if they have records left over after the tour, they’ll put them up there for order too.

    • @Justin C, Bandcamp DL will happen, we will also have records available for direct purchase and are working on US distribution as well so fear not. Thanks for the appreciation.

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