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(NCS contributor KevinP interviews the ubiquitous Anil Carrier, pictured above right in the line-up of Britain’s Towers of Flesh. He is also a member of Binah, Exsequor, Necrotize, Purify the Horror, The Solemn Curse, and Theoktony — though we don’t claim that’s a complete list.)


K:  I always joke how you are in like 532 bands, so I find it more than ironic we are talking TOWERS OF FLESH today while you are recording the new THEOKTONY.  How do you find the time for all these projects?

A:  Generally it’s very difficult and time consuming. You have to sacrifice a lot to do this on the level that I do.  But as time goes on it definitely becomes worthwhile.

My role in each band differs.  I may play all instruments and compose everything on a record or I might just jump in for the drums and leave the rest to others.


K:  Do you ever feel burnt out or the need to just get away from it all with so many projects?

A:  It can sometimes be very tiresome. But I have always been driven to build a body of work and although I wouldn’t say that it’s a selfish need it’s definitely something that drives me to carry on.  I have periods where I don’t write music and other times when I can’t stop, so I wouldn’t say I ever get burnt out.



K:   Let’s talk the new Towers of Flesh album, Antithetical Conjurations.  What is your role on this one?

A:  The new album has been a long time in the coming. There were many problems which hindered the production process but we are content to have it out there.

On this record, I took on the role of composer & song writer. But still, it has to be said that everybody put their own touch to it (especially when it came to vocals). That part of the recording is always the most interesting for me as we have a chance to bounce ideas off of each other and really bring the songs to life.


K:   Tell us about your partners in crime on this album and what they specifically brought to the table?

A:  In terms of vocals we really work and find a medium in which the lyrics can be further developed. It normally works in the following way:  I will write lyrics, arrangements will be worked out and then Jack Welch will come to my studio and perform bits where he thinks they fit best.  The instrumentation on this album was handled by me but in the past it was done via the exchanging of demo materials and rehearsals.


K:  Musically this would generally be described as black/death, but to me people think either ‘Behemoth’ or some raw-sounding filthy concoction, neither of which fits what you are doing here.  How would you tell people about your “sound”?

A:  I definitely agree that it’s rather ambiguous in its stylistic approach. The simple answer for that is there are lots of different styles of metal on exhibit throughout the course of this album.  The first album was definitely a lot straighter stylistically, so when this one was being put together there was a real desire to move away from that.


K:  I guess you can even say melodic black/death, but again that seems to be a bit too specific for me as well.

A:  Definitely so. I honestly think the intention was to materialize the attitude and ethos of the band rather than copy any other band’s sound.  But then again we live in a world of labels so it’s inevitable that we will be typified and placed under some degree of classification.


K:  After your first album you played only a few select live shows.  Is the plan now to either tour in support of this record or at least play a bunch of festivals and/or local shows?

A:  We are looking into the possibility of touring to support the album. We definitely feel as though we need the ‘right’ package before we can do this though.


K:   You already have the live members lined up that you care to reveal?

A:  Our live members are still the same as they were in 2010. We have Tom McKenna from ‘Sheol’ on guitars and Bear from ‘Tomorrow Come the Wolves’ on bass.  They are a big part of what we do and we see them as members of Towers Of Flesh.


K:  I had a brilliant idea for a new band that I was hoping you’d join……

A:  Haha, I think my schedule is a little full at the minute.


K:  Aww, too bad.  You would write and perform all the music (subject to my approval) and handle all the production duties.  I will supply the spoken word vocals, reiterating British phrases in my NY accent.  And we would call it, THE CHEEKY BASTARD.

A:  I think for the sake of my integrity we will have to leave that out.  Or just use obscure aliases. Lol


K:   Anil, appreciate your time.  I’ll let you close with anything you wish to say or any insults you have for those bloody wankers Aaron Sluss & Bryan Edwards?

A:  I would like to honour them for all the support they and everyone else has shown this band over the years.  I have recently been posting our merchandise all over the world, so it’s very encouraging to see that what we do is resonating with certain people.



Antithetical Conjurations was written and recorded by Anil Carrier at Darksound Studios in Wolverhampton. It features artwork by Aisha Louisa Al-Sadie. It will be released on September 15 by Candlelight Records and can be ordered via the Bandcamp link below, or on iTunes.




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