Oct 262014


According to Metal-Archives, Cleveland-based Nunslaughter have released more than 140 recordings, only four of which have been full-length albums, the rest mostly consisting of splits, EPs, and live albums. Hells Headbangers is releasing two more splits this fall, and I spent some time with both of them this past weekend.

In this split with a relatively new Chilean band named PerversorNunslaughter contribute two tracks — “Impure Thoughts” and “Bless the Dead”. “Impure Thoughts” is a thick, black, boiling cauldron of riff liquor, a mix of d-beat rhythms, skin-flaying black thrash, and grisly corpse-crawling death metal. “Bless the Dead” switches up the beats and the styles, too, and at its core is a head-wrecking chug-stomp, catchy as fuck and impurified with a wash of vocal pollutants. The songs are gone before you know it, but it’s a sweet trip while it lasts.

Perversor also poison the split with two tracks, “Old Temples of Death” and “Venomous Madness”. Both songs are demonic tank attacks, unstoppable and merciless. Drill-bit tremolo riffs and highly accelerated drumming join forces with reverberating vocal venom to deliver a black/death/punk blitzkrieg that’s hellishly good. These songs will grind all your sharp features down to  a smooth flatness and then continue sandpapering you down to the bone. Completely hot shit metal.

The split is out now and can be ordered here:


I’ve searched and can only find one song from the split to stream, and it’s the first of the Perversor songs:






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