Oct 262014

I’m still in Texas visiting family and friends and not listening to much new metal, but before I once again leave the interhole for the real world for the rest of the day, I thought I would share a few things that have been wrecking my earholes this morning.


The Deathtrip are a two-man band consisting of UK guitarist Host (Thine) and vocalist Aldrahn (Thorns, Dødheimsgard, ex-Zyklon-B). Their debut album, which was mixed by ThornsSnorre Ruch, is scheduled for release by Svart Records on November 14 and its title is Deep Drone Master. It includes session drums by Dan “Storm” Mullins and Jon Wesseltoft on bass.

Two songs from the album are available for listening — “Flag of Betrayal”, which premiered two days ago on Metal Hammer, and “A Foot In Each Hell”, which surfaced earlier this month. They’re hell-ripping storms of vintage Norwegian black metal with razoring riffs that penetrate deeply and a monstrous offering of inflamed vocal passion — searing music surrounded by the flames of arcane energy.

Listen below to “Flag of Betrayal” and “A Foot In Each Hell” from Deep Drone Master.

(via Metal Hammer)








Last May I reviewed the then-existing output of a Boston band named Human Bodies, which consisted of Demo MMXIII released in December 2013 and a single named Scapegoat released in late January 2014. Yesterday I discovered some new music.

The band’s new offering is entitled No Life and it’s on YouTube, a 12-minute offering. There’s also a new release on the Human Bodies Bandcamp page named Covenant, but I understand this was an initial title idea for what is now named No Life, and on Bandcamp you can check out a stand-alone song named “Harlot”. No Life will be released on cassette by the end of November.

I’m in a hurry, unfortunately, so all I’ll say is that you definitely need to listen to this. Human Bodies are continuing to churn out a primal, gut-punching fusion of black metal, punk, and hardcore that’s raw as fuck and thoroughly compelling.






  1. Human Bodies gave a nice skull-wreck. Been needing one of those for a while.

  2. The Deathtrip is really, really good!

  3. Human Bodies No Life plus their demo and extra tracks were just released on CD a few ago.

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