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(As he has in years past, long-time NCS supporter Vonlughlio from the Dominican Republic brings us his list of favorite albums released during the year that’s now ending.)

So the time has arrived to post my favorite albums of 2014 and I would like to thank Mr. Islander for sharing my list for the third year in a row. Back in 2012 my list was just 25, and last year it was 40. This year makes it 50, but rest assured it will stay that way for the future.

All the days spent creating my list and the several drafts were all a clusterfuck of sorts, because I enjoyed so many releases that I just kept on looking and listening to the albums I got this year. Now I understand why some people (like Islander) don’t make a list — it’s damn hard. On the other hand, there were albums that I always knew would be on my list. Anyways, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the contributors here at NCS — really amazing job on this site.

I would like to remind you, dear readers, that I’m not a reviewer of any sort, just a guy in the middle of the Caribbean who loves music and is fortunate enough to share what he likes. I’m doing this to share the bands that I enjoyed so much. If you like one that is awesome and if you feel that some are just garbage, well it won’t change a thing and it’s fine too — can’t win them all.

Before I start, I’m going to post some songs from albums I was really looking forward to, but which unfortunately will be released on the last day of this month, as well as full-lengths I did not have the chance to listen to.


Delusional Parasitosis—Brutal Death Metal from United States/Germany



Excoriation—Brutal Death Metal from Russia



Cardiac Arrest—Death Metal from United States



Cretin—-U.S. Death Metal/Grindcore




So with no further ado, here is my “top 50 of 2014”:


50) Iconic Vivisect—“Monument of Depravity”

Killer band from Australia and their debut album just shows how brutal this band is. An overall performance that needed to be here on my list and I will be on the lookout for them in the future as well.
Listen to the full album here:




49) Bloodtruth—“Obediance”

Another talented band from Italy that released a killer debut album this year. In my humble opinion they show hints of technicality that bring more to the overall performance. My highlight is the guitar work.
Listen to the full album here:




48) Death Vomit—“Forging A Legacy”

Brutal Death Metal from Indonesia, and I have to say that the album is amazing and has great diversity in the structure of the songs. A great effort as a band; my highlights are the vocals and guitars.
Listen to the full album here:





47) Benighted—“Carnivore Sublime”

A band whose every album I like, though their latest is my personal favorite. Mr. Foley is one of the best drummers out there and this is more proof of that (not like he needs it). Excellent guitar work, too, and Mr. Truchan is just one great vocalist.
Listen to the full album here:




46) Thy Darkened Shade—“Liber Lvcifer I: Khem Sedjet”

Black Metal from Greece that I found out about though a friend, and I thank him for that. Impressive effort with great musicianship.
Listen to the full album here:





45) Bleeding Corpse—“Condemned to Suffer”

I found about this Brutal Death metal band through some friends, listened to a couple of songs, and bought the album on the spot. Vocals and guitar are the highlight for me.
Listen to “Carnivore Malignant” here:





44) Beyond Creation—“Earthborn Evolution”

A band that is full of talent and that has released an amazing sophomore album. They took off right where the left things on their first effort and didn’t disappoint. I have to say that I liked the production better on this one.
Listen to the full album here:





43) Valdrin—“Beyond The Forest”

Black/Thrash from the United States. When I heard the single I was really impressed with the guitars and vocals. So when the album was released, I heard it and bought it right there. Solid debut album.
Listen to the full album here:





42) Decaying Purity—“Malignant Resurrection of the Fallen Souls”

One killer Brutal Death metal band from Turkey who released what for me is their best work. The guitar, vocals, bass, and drums are all outstanding.
Listen here to “Infernal Restraints Over Purgatory”:





41) Stargazer—“A Merging to the Boundless”

Avant-garde Black/Death Metal from Australia. This band I found out by looking for music in Bandcamp anf have to say that this is one great album with outstanding guitar riffs , vocal delivery and the highlight the bass performance.
Listen to the full album here:





40) Veiyadra—“Gehenna”

This band I found thanks to a friend, and with their debut album I have to say they have become one of my favorite bands from Japan. This is just one sick brutal death metal album. The vocals of Mr. Muto are just insane and the music is no slouch either.
Listen here to “Diabolical Aberration”:





39) Internal Bleeding—“Imperium”

In my opinion this band have released their best work this year. I really enjoyed the structures of the songs, and the drumming and bass are top-notch. The vocals fit well with the music, and I liked them a lot. But the highlight for me is the guitar work — heavy and catchy as fuck!!!! Mr. Pervelis just does what he knows best and does it rather well.
Listen to the full album here:





38) Spectral Lore—“III”

One-man Ambient/Black Metal band from Greece. Mr. Ayloss brings us such a great album and my favorite of all Spectral Lore releases. Over one hour long, and every time I listen I sit back and relax to the atmosphere the music brings.
Listen to the album here:





37) Impetuous Ritual—“Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence”

With members of Portal and Grave Upheaval, after 5 years they’ve release their second album and this is just filthy death metal. I like this release even more than their debut album.
Listen to the album here:





36) Hour of Penance—“Regicide”

This band is also one of my favorite bands from Italy. Some have a problem with the production on this album, but I think that it fits well with he astonishing performances of each of the members.
Listen to the full album here:





35) Hate Division—“Order of the Enslaved”

Death Metal from Canada. This is an album you have to listen from start to finish — great drumming, bass, and vocal performances. One aspect that I like about this album is the lyrics — very well done and they let the listeners draw their own conclusion about the content they are taking about.
Listen to the full album here:





34) Desecravity —“Orphic Signs”

One of my favorite bands from Japan. Amazing Technical/Brutal Death metal played with high precision. The guitar and drum performance are the highlight of the whole thing. This is a major progression from their debut album (which is fantastic), showing a great balance in both aspects, both the technical and brutal aspects of this production.
Listen to the full album here:





33) Aborrent Castigation—“Throne of Existential Abandoment”

This is just hands-down one of my favorite debut releases from a band,, and I would like to see how they progess in the future. I’ll add that the drums on this album were done by no other than Mr. Gruber from the mighty Defeated Sanity — this man is one of my all-time favorite. The vocals — hot damn!!!!! Mr. Barose does an excellent job. The guitar work is also a highlight of the album, just outstanding work. After the release I found out that Alex (Delusional Parasitiosis and Infecting the Swarm) is their permanent drummer — this dude is talented as hell.
Listen to the full album here:





32) Pallbearer—-“Foundations of Burden”

Great doom metal from start to finish, great guitar and bass work, awesome drumming, and the vocals fit rather well with the music. Really enjoyed the production as well.
Listen to the full album here:





31) Devangelic—“Resurrection Denied”

With members of Vulvectomy and Putridity, the band have managed to release one of the best BDM releases of 2014. Punishing drums, great guitar and bass. Those vocals are just nasty and fit perfectly with the music. Somehow, every time I listen to this album at the end I find myself screaming ”Viva Italia Cazzo!!!!” .
Listen to the full album here:





30) Diocletian —“Gesundrian”

Another great Black/Death Metal band that has released a great album, with filthy vocals, great riffs, and killer drumming and bass. Simply my favorite album from them, and I’m anxious to see what they do next.
Listen to the album here:





29) Temple of Void—“Of Terror and The Supernatural”

My second favorite Doom/Death Metal album, and this is just their debut album. Found out about them thanks to a post a few months before the release date and was impressed with the vocals, drums, and guitar work. Bought the album, and here they are.
Listen to the full album here:





28) Opeth—“Pale Communion”

One band that clearly changed direction with the release of “Heritage” (which I enjoyed), but I think that this album surpasses it by a long shot. Overall, great musicianship, as always. Sure, I won’t deny that I miss Mikael’s growls, but I can just go back and listen to the other albums for that.
Listen to the full album here:





27) Trenchrot—“Necromotic Warfare”

Death Metal from the United States. Found about them through a friend and instantly liked the song I heard and bought the album on the band’s official Bandcamp. The drums and vocals are highlights in this effort.
Listen to the full album here:





26) Autopsy—- “Tourniquets, Hacksaws & Graves”

Another band that has been giving us classics in Death metal and this is one of my favorites. This album continues to show what amazing musicians they are overall. Another band that I wish could see live someday.
Listen to the full album here:





25) Blut Aus Nord— “Memoria Vetusta III: Saturnian Poetry”

Fantastic Black Metal — this is one band that in my mind keeps reinventing themselves with each release. Love this album. It is simply one of my favorite BM releases of 2014.
Listen to the full album here:





24) Nightbringer—“Ego Dominus Tuus”

Another one of my favorite Black Metal albums of this year. The overall performances are mesmerizing, from the vocals to the guitars and drums. Just hit play and enjoy the journey that this album takes you on. After the intro, the songs are all above the 5-minute mark, and each of them brings a different atmosphere.
Listen to the full album here:





23) Septycal Gorge—“Scourge of the Formless Breed”

This band includes one of my favorite drummers in metal, Mr. “Brutal Dave” Billia (Antropofagus, Putridity and Beheaded) and this release is proof as to why he is. Also, the vocals, guitar, and bass are well-executed and show you how good they all are.
Listen to the full album here:





22) Artificial Brain—“Labyrinth of Constellation”

My favorite Technical Death Metal release of this year. The band as a whole complement each other in the music department (bass, guitars, and drums) and the vocals are great as well.
Listen to the full album here:





21) Swallowed—“Lunarterial”

This is just one vicious Doom/Death album, done to perfection, with complex song structures that fuck with your head (in a good way). My favorite song is the last one that spans into the 25-minute range and has different changes within its overall structure. To be honest, I feel it goes rather quickly, leaving room for more — and that is one good sign, for me at least.
Listen to the album here:





20) Incantation—“Dirges of Elysium”

Another band that has been playing for over 20 years and has given us classics such as “Onward to Golgotha” and “Diabolical Conquest”. Their 2012 “Vanquish in Vengance” was one of my favorites from that year, so imagine how stoked I was when they released this one after only 2 years instead of 7. This band keeps making killer death metal and this album is proof of that.
Listen to “From a Glaciate Womb”:





19) Behemoth—“The Satanist”

When released the first single I thought it was ok. When the album game out, at first listen it was ok. But after the second listen I concluded that it’s an amazing effort and one I now like more than their previous one. It’s more organic (if that makes sense), with so much feeling in the music and vocals. This has become one of my favorite releases from the band.
Listen to the full album here:





18) Abigor— “Leytmotif Luzifer”

Their latest album is just ferocious black metal from the first to the last temptations (songs); this is one of the best BM albums to have been released in 2014. The vocals are so vicious, the drums are punishing, and the guitar work is outstanding. The packaging of the CD is also fantastic.
Listen to the full album here:





17) Triptykon—“Melana Chasmata”

Another band whose first album I heard quite late after its release and enjoyed it very much. But I managed to get this new one upon release and I’m glad I did. Mr. Warrior is a great musician and has surrounded himself with musicians who have done an amazing job on both of the band’s releases.
Listen to the full album here:






16) Cannibal Corpse—“A Skeletal Domain”

What more can one say about this particular band who have been active for more than 20 years and have given us so much great music? Well, for me, this is their best album of the last 4 releases. All of the members give great performances, and Mr. Webster provides more reasons for him to be one of my all-time favorite bass players.
Listen to the full album here:





15) Lvcifyre—“Sun Eater”

Lvcifyre have released an album that is just a crushing performance and one of the year’s best Black/Death releases. The first song starts off slow, as a way of setting up the listener for this evil ride, and when it does get faster, it never stops. One vicious album dominated by excellent musicianship. As some might say, the real Sun Eater.
Listen to the full album here:





14) Misery Index —“The Killing Gods”

One of the bands that I can again say I like all of their releases, but this is by far my favorite. Always enjoyed the vocals, drums, and guitar work, and this new one is not an exception.
Listen to the full album here:





13) Emptiness—“Nothing But the Whole”

Emptiness have released their best work. Love all of the songs in this album and can’t seem to pick just one or two as my favorite. Each time I listen, it’s like my soul is being taken from me and nothing is left (love them for that, actually).
Listen to the full album here:





12) Cerebral Effusion—“Idolatry of the Unethical”

This band, alongside Teitanblood, are my favorite bands from Spain. After 4 years they released in my opinion their best work. Vocals, guitars, bass, and drums work perfectly in the overall effort. Non-stop brutal death that just makes you mosh (even if you are alone, as I was).
Listen to the full album here:





11) Hideous Divinity—“Cobra Verde”

This is my favorite Italian band (of all the many talented bands of that country). With this release they keep one aspect I like, which is the balance of technicality and brutal delivery. These guys are amazing musicians and it shows in this release. The vocals are on-point, with a great delivery. Another aspect I rather enjoy is the lyrical theme on this one — very interesting writing, something they did on the debut album (with a different lyrical theme). Great guitar riffs and solos, with top-notch bass and drum performances. The guest vocals of Nile’s Dallas Toler-Wade on one of my favorite songs are just awesome.
Listen to the full album here:






10) Bloodbath—“Grand Morbid Funeral”

One album that a lot of people were expecting after the announcement made earlier this year that they had a new vocalist. They gave us hints here and there in their FB page until they revealed it was Nick Holmes. I love his work with Paradise Lost, but had never heard the first album, and that was the first thing I did, to have an idea of what to expect.

Well, they released the first single and I thought to myself, “This is different”. Nevertheless, I liked the singles they released. This album sure had a lot of people hating on the vocals, but I cannot deny I dig them a lot — they fit perfectly with the sound. I also enjoyed the drum performance and the guitar tone. Once I got the CD and heard the whole album, I put it on repeat and the more I played it, the more I liked it.
Listen to the full album here:






09) Horrendous —“Ecdysis”

I got to listen to their 2012 debut album “The Chills” in 2013 (yeah my bad, would have been in my top 25 of 2012), so when I heard that they were going to release their sophomore album, I was in stalker mode and it paid off. A lot of bands play old-school death metal (and there are some really killer bands doing it), but for me this is the best. The guitar work is amazing, the vocals and drums are top-notch. To think this is only their second album — I cannot wait to see they continue to develop in the future.
Listen to the full album here:





08) Thantifaxath—“Sacred White Noise”

One mysterious Black Metal band from Canada. And I use the term since no one knows who they are and they have no social media. Found out about them by looking at Bandcamp — one song in, and I bought it right away. This is a great album; my favorite parts are the guitars, bass, vocals, and the use of violins in some of the songs.
Listen to the full album here:





07) Morbus Chron—“Sweven”

I enjoyed their debut album “Sleepers in the Rift” in 2011. When this album was released back in February I only listened to a couple of songs and loved them. Somehow, I did not get the album right away, but when I did a few months later, I wondered why I had ended up waiting so long. Well, dear reader, now you know the end result.
Listen to the full album here:






06) YOB—“Clearing The Path to Ascend”

This is one beautiful album from start to finish. With songs above 10 minutes, there is still no waste whatsoever. Just hit play and enjoy the ride. Once I heard the whole thing, I knew right away that it would end up among my top 10 albums.
Listen to “In our Blood”:






05) Dead Congregation—“Promulgation of the Fall”

My favorite Death Metal album of this year. I waited patiently for 6 years, and it was worth it. Ferocious drumming and guitar work, and haunting vocals. Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite track, just love the whole album from start to finish.
Listen to the full album here:





04) We All Die (Laughing)—“Thoughtscanning”

An album that was released at the beginning of this year and is very personal to me, coming during a dark time in my life. Lyrics that brought feelings that were always there and somehow made me think in retrospective about life. This is one 33-minute-long song format, and there is never a dull moment in there. Déhá and Arno on vocals complement each other and their performances are filled with great emotion. The music here is just amazing (Déhá plays all the instruments). A living shell!!!!
Listen to the full album here:





03) Disentomb—“Misery”

One of my favorite bands from Australia. These guys show no mercy at all and have brought us one of the best BDM albums of the year. The guitarist, Mr. Wilkes, is just a machine, riff after riff. When I saw the playthrough of one of their songs, I watched it over and over, as if I were going to learn the song (I don’t play guitar ☹). Mr. Sison on drums brings a great performance in each of the songs; I also watched the drum footage for “Abominations Created Through Divinity” countless times.

On bass, Mr. Parker does a great job and is one talented musician, while Mr. James on vocals is just a beast (in a good way) and truly delivers a fantastic performance in each of the songs — hot damn!! Also Mr. Trevor from The Black Dahlia Murder does a kickass job with the guest vocals.
Listen to the full album here:





02) Teitanblood—-“Death”

The best Black/Death metal release this year. Complex song structures with powerful riffs, a great drum performance, and ferocious vocals that just are my favorite parts of the album. And Chris Reifert from Autopsy does some guest vocals on the last song (which is one of my favorites).
Listen to the full album here:






01) Gorgasm—“Destined to Violate”

This is hands-down the best BDM album of 2014. This band, along with Defeated Sanity, are one of my favorites in the genre. Amazing guitar work from Mr. Leski and Mr. Saylor, precise and killer riffs song after song. The bass tone is perfect in the production, and Mr. Voight sure is a great player. His vocals alongside Mr. Leski are insane!!! In the drum department, Mr. Christman does an amazing job behind the kit, truly a phenomenal drummer.

This band deserves all the recognition, and this album just blew my favorite album by them, “Masticate to Dominate”, into second place.
Listen to the full album here:




As I mentioned, I heard a lot of music this year and there are other albums that did not make my list (I feel pretty bad about it), including some bands that you, dear reader, will know for sure and cause you to exclaim, WTF! Here are other albums that I bought as well and think are great:

• Aborted—“The Necrotic Manifesto”
• At the Gates—“At War With Reality”
• Abysmal Dawn—“Obsolescence”
• Animals As leaders—“The Joy of Motion”
• Archspire—“The Lucid Collective”
• Datura—“Spreading the Absorption”
• Vader—“Tibi Et Igni”
• Sinister—“The Post-Apocalytic Servant”
• Posthumous Blasphemer—“Exhumation of Sacred Impunity”
• Relics of Humanity—“Ominously Reigning Upon the Intangible”
• Goatwhore—“Constricting Rage of the Merciless”
• Prostitute Disfigurement—“From Crotch to Crown”
• Revocation—“Deathless”
• The Kennedy Veil—“Trinity of Falsehood”
• Defilementory—“The Dismal Ascension”
• Decimation—“Reign of Ungodly Creation
• Doom:VS—“Earthless”
• Mass Infection—“For I am Genocide”
• Lie in Ruins—“Towards Divine Death”
• Inanimate Existence—“A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement”
• Tyranny Enthroned—“Our Great Undoing”
• Take Over and Destroy—“Vacant Face”
• Human Infection—“Curvatures In Time”

My favorite EPs of 2014 are:

1) Nader Sadek—“The Malefic: Chapter III”
2) Eye of Solitude—“Dear Insanity”
3) Svartidaudi—“The Synthesis of Whore and Beast”
4) Repugnance—“Seeds of Oppresion”
5) Ascension—“Deathless Light”


  1. Good list! No doubt Vonlughio knows a thing or two about death metal. It’s been ages since I heard a brutal death metal album but Gorgasm does the trick, goddamn crazy. Disentomb’s quite good too.

  2. SIck list!!! Tons of BDM for me to look into to. A genre I dont follow with the same fervency as black metal or other forms of death metal, but when something worthwhile pops up its usually high fun factor.
    Nice especially to see so many of my favorites on this list. The meat continues.

  3. Not only is this a nice list, but you guys get extra credit for making an actual list that I can just scroll through and not one of those stupid slideshows, or listing 5 albums per page. High five.

  4. That, is a fuckin list.

  5. Thank you

  6. Very cool list. I really didn’t get to hear that much brutal DM this year so it’s nice to have some highlights be pointed out that I would otherwise miss. I’m listening to Death Vomit now and digging it. There are some really good black and death metal picks in there too.

  7. I must say I loved your list last year and this year takes the cake again. It’s understood that a lot of brutal death metal releases get swept under the rug for other ones but seeing them on your list always makes me feel good knowing they’re getting some recognition. Honestly this is also the first list I’ve seen with Septycal Gorge on it and I am surprised, everyone who digs tech/brutal death knows the masterwork that Erase the Insignificant was and after all this time we finally got a killer follow up and it seems to have flown under one too many radars.

    Besides that I have to say there is one thing missing from the list, Abysmal Torment dropped a seriously solid album this year too and I haven’t seen a lot of talk for it. They left off their slam roots for a more constructive and catchy style of death metal but I still liked it. Wondered if it managed to slip by you too.

  8. Holy moly, this list is a BDM onslaught. I’ve ignored the genre for long enough except for those once in a while forays (like that massive Katalepsy record last year ). And we do have a few common in the non-BDM set of releases you’ve mentioned.

    That aside, i am checking out some of the releases you’ve mentioned. Abhorrent Castigation and Bloodtruth are two new finds and blood good at that.

  9. At last Dear Insanity gets a mention on a list… or at least, the end add-on part of a list 😉

  10. I love the amount of death metal on here! It seems that I have a lot to catch up on in the near future especially Gorgasm. Also, great to see Diesentomb on a list as well! I saw them open up for Portal and Gorguts last month in Sydney and they killed it! As well as the other 2 bands of course……

  11. Great list. Can’t say I’m familiar with really any of the BDM (not normally my thing), but I’ll have to give some of it a shot.

  12. Well eye of Solitude is one of my favorite bands from the UK. And they did released an amazing ep

    • See, I know those guys, and love the band… but did think there was far too much meandering ambient “filler” material on that EP, padding out the song’s length. The actual song material itself is really good (though I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, or the best thing they’ve done), but wading through all the empty space doesn’t really add much to the overall package!

  13. Just noticed Iconic Viviset used the same picture as this underground Chinese Death Metal band 饕餮.

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