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The Crown – photo by Patrik Skoglöw

(Karina Noctum rejoins us with the following e-mail interview of Magnus Olsfelt of Sweden’s The Crown, whose new album Death Is Not Dead was reviewed by our Andy Synn here and will be released on January 13 (tomorrow!) in the U.S. by Century Media.)


1. Ok, I would like to start with a little update about The Crown…

Ok we have the new album to be released next week and we will have a release party gig here in Gothenburg this saturday. Live drummer Henrik Axelsson will join us, but unfortunately he was rushed to the hospital yesterday with bad fever so let’s hope he can recover by Saturday!


2. What can the fans expect from the new album? Would you say that the fact that you guys were actually writing a The Crown album this time influenced the sound?

People can expect us doing a new album that we  have done our best and put a lot of effort into. We think it should be listened to as a whole experience, from beginning to end, to have the full ride, with ups and downs and everything.



3. In which ways is Death is not Dead different/alike previous releases?

We have always strived to make good honest music in a brutal way. So in that respect I guess it is alike. It’s different because it’s different songs of course, and we have not really tried to copy ourselves but tried to find that extra kick in the music that gives you energy and inspiration.

Maybe this album is a little more diverse and heavy compared to previous releases, but the dynamics make the fast parts faster and the heavy parts heavier I guess.


4. What made you choose “Headhunter” for the single? And how does it stand out compared to others songs in the album?

We thought that one sums up the album and The Crown nowadays in a good way. Other songs show different aspects of the band and our sound, but we chose “Headhunter” to be most representative as first single.


5. Did you guys do it all by yourselves? What are the advantages and disadvantages of recording yourselves?

Yes we did, or Marko did, he is a great producer and the production is super-fat I think. Made to play LOUD!

Recording ourselves gives a lot of freedom to us, we can record whenever we feel and we can try out things in a relaxed way. The disadvantage is probably that it is not stressed or rushed by others so it tends to extend over longer periods of time.


6. About the instrumental song “Meduseld”, you incorporated different sounds. Can you explain to us what it is and why you decided to use it? How does it fit with the rest of the album?

Yes it is an old traditional Swedish key fiddle, a handmade instrument that I guess they shredded music on in the past, before electricity. We knew the guys from Fejd who make and play this kind of instrument and thought it would be cool to include it on this instrumental track. I think the result turned out awesome! It kind of reminds me of what Sepultura did with “Kaiowaz” or a Scandinavian “Orion” if you like. I think it is a highlight of the album and it really enriches the full experience of the album. Its sound is full of timeless enchantment, with pain, sorrow, and beauty, like a breath of fresh air before the plunge, and the album would be a lot bleaker without it.


7. How are things going in the scene in Sweden? Lots of bands, but how about the audience? How has Swedish DM been embraced by new generations?

To tell you the truth I am not really part of the scene anymore so I can’t really answer that. But I think that classic DM has in some nostalgic way become almost trendy again. Younger generations idealising about the ’90s.


8. Have you guys let some newer musical styles influence you?

Are there any newer musical styles? He he.

– Not that I know of anyway…


9. Give us your top 5 best releases from 2014.

Ha ha! Beats me! I don’t listen to new stuff! But I know that At The Gates made a new album and that must be great! I haven’t really listened in to it yet.


10. What are the band’s plans after the release?

We will play some select shows; boat trip, Japan, Hellfest. And we also have some plans for the 25th anniversary, we’ll see about that!

Thanks for the interview and your time!


Death Is Not Dead is out today in Europe and will be released on January 13 in the U.S. by Century Media. It’s available for order at CMDistro.com. Listen to two tracks below.





  1. OH MAN! I hope this “boat trip” is the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise! I would be fucking blown away!

  2. great interview, i’ve been looking forward to this album : )

  3. These tracks didn’t sit right with me at first, but they’re growing on me. I’ll have to listen to the whole album to see if it all congeals, and also to see if they have some of the balls-out, million-miles-an-hour thrashers that I feel constitute some of their best tracks.

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