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Mephorash are an occult black metal band from Uppsala, Sweden, with two albums to their credit, both released by Grom Records — Death Awakens (2011) and Chalice of Thagirion (2012). In 2013 they added to those works through a split release with Philadelphia’s Ashencult entitled Opus Serpens, and we had the pleasure of premiering the Mephorash track for the split, “Atramentous Ungod Aspect”, which included guest vocals by Acherontas V. Priest of the occult multinational band Acherontas.

Mephorash are now about to come roaring back with a new EP celebrating their five years of existence. It’s entitled Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás, and today we have the pleasure of helping to premiere a lyric video for its title track.

For people like me, who have long admired the engraved illustrations of French artist Gustave Doré, the video is a feast for the eyes (and credit to Markus Hedelin for making it). The music is also a feast for the ears, and together, Mephorash and Doré make an inspired pairing.


photo by Soile Siirtola


The vocals on “Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás” were performed by Nebiros from Ofermod/Malign and by Mephorash vocalist Mashkelah M’ralaa. They add purifying fire to the song’s words of Luciferian praise, in sharp contrast to the angelic choir whose voices begin the song. And the instrumental music of the song, which is a blend of the majestic, the mystical, and the murderous, is a match for the passion of the vocals.

The music is dramatic, dynamic, and potent, filling the air with the aura of a ritual, yet it is also scathing and scorching. When Nebiros intones “THE END!” at the 5:00 mark, the cadence of a processional becomes a slow, infernal rocker that got my head moving hard. But that turns out to be a prelude to a conflagration, a hellstorm of raking riffs and blasting drums, a storm that subsides briefly only to rage again with renewed power and an atmosphere of black, ominous threat.

Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás is projected for release in May by Hell Attacks Productions. Hope you enjoy the title track as much as I have… it’s a hell of a teaser for the EP to come.



  8 Responses to “AN NCS PREMIERE: MEPHORASH — “Sfaíra Ti̱s Fo̱tiás””

  1. Awesome track – can’t wait for the EP. And I’ll be damned if there hasn’t been more content today than I’ve put out in the last year 😛

  2. Yep, I will have to get this. Excellent track. I was surprised by the final stanza, so to speak, which is is surprisingly melodic and triumphant.

  3. i love it! their stage set is killer, too 🙂

  4. The beautiful art of Gustave Doré for a lyric video, good idea and I enjoyed a lot this song and is hard not to think to words like majestic, and the voice, very passionate, more than good!

  5. I don’t normally go for black metal, but I really like this.

  6. This is the first I’ve heard of Mephorash. Good stuff, I’ll be looking into them.

  7. Any idea what’s the name of illustration at 7:30?

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